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Predictive maintenance is one of the most important areas of application in mechanical and plant engineering for Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. As a specialist in mathematical optimization processes, COSMO CONSULT presented mathematical models that can be used to take better advantage of the sensor data.

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Start digitalization by changing your approach

from Michael Wilp

To find the right path to digitalization, a company needs imagination and sometimes a new pair of shoes. First and foremost, you need to be able to realistically estimate your level of digital maturity and your situation in comparison to the competition. COSMO CONSULT helps medium-sized businesses find new approaches and offers comprehensive digitalization checks and targeted workshops in order to identify the most lucrative digital scenarios – and gradually implement them in conjunction with a road map.

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Current market analysis: COSMO CONSULT is one of the leading names in IT consulting

from Gero Brinkbäumer

Modern digital technology is one of the factors determining the future of a business. So, it’s important to work with a strong and skilled digitalization provider like COSMO CONSULT. We are an international Microsoft Dynamics partner and digitalization expert now ranked among the top IT service companies for the second time in a row, according to the current issue of the Lünendonk® list.

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Digital transformation does not depend solely on the latest technology and software tools, but those things are decisive for driving the transformation forward. Digital platforms can help increase customer satisfaction; cloud services can make processes and information available anywhere in the world; and sensors keep track of key production figures. Use digital technologies to make your business processes faster and more effective.

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10 suggestions for successful digital transformation # 7 Make use of your data

from Jürgen Klein

What do internal combustion engines and digital transformation have in common? Well, they both cannot run on their own power, but rather require fuel. In the case of combustion engines, the fuel is refined from crude oil. In the case of digital transformation, data is the raw material. Just as with crude oil, data must be extracted, processed and refined in order to make good use of it. Big data pools help you to analyze, track and use your data to make management decisions.

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There is an endless number of ways of establishing a digital corporate culture. Every company chooses its own path. Market-oriented companies focus on their customers. They determine what added value new products and services have for the target group and involve their customers in product development at an early stage. Digital technologies from areas such as marketing automation help increase professionalism in communication with customers.

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