Industry software for manufacturing companies

COSMO CONSULT is one of the leading Microsoft Partners for Manufacturing Industry Solutions.
COSMO CONSULT is one of the leading Microsoft Partners for Manufacturing Industry Solutions.

If you manufacture complex and mostly unique products or equipment for your customers, it is essential to support your processes with the right manufacturing software. Production structures are divided in project plans and planning steps presented transparently across all departments. Accounting support also contributes to project optimisation. The departments involved can view and edit cost planning, profit planning and the defined budget at any time with the help of simultaneous costing.

For a modern IT infrastructure - also in your company.

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Software technologies for all company areas from a single source

As a project manufacturer, you already use software in almost all areas of life. Business software such as ERP, CRM, DMS, PLM, CAD, business intelligence, Microsoft Office applications and even telecommunications and a range of other systems are used to different degrees. An intelligent complete digital solution is not purely an ERP system, project planning and controlling or the integration of a PLM system into ERP software. On the contrary, it is a network of all business-relevant systems and data inside and outside of the company that makes optimum use of all potential to promote the success of a company.

Intelligent Industry 4.0 software solutions

With COSMO CONSULT business software, you are already using all the advantages of a future-oriented, complete digital solution for your business. The ERP systems Microsoft Dynamics 365Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX and the certified and globally applied industry solutions for project-based manufacturing developed by COSMO CONSULT form the core of the complete digital solution. We already provide a modern, digital workplace from a single source. We achieve this through the complete integration of Microsoft Office 365 and components such as Microsoft SharePoint or Skype for Business into the structured world of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Technical areas of your company are also integrated by linking CAD, PLM and machine data. Even modern IoT (Internet of Things) applications can be seamlessly integrated using the Microsoft IoT Hub. Powerful business intelligence software such as Microsoft Power BI or QlikView/Qlik Sense is available for evaluating and analysing data from all areas of the complete solution. This helps you make the right decisions to ensure the success of your business. Furthermore, the intelligence of Microsoft Machine Learning and predictive analytics not only provides evaluations of current data, but also returns specific recommendations for action based on experience, forecasts and complex algorithms.

End-to-end project planning in manufacturing

The complete digital solutions from COSMO CONSULT enable your employees to be more productive, achieve more and master future challenges with the support of intelligent, state-of-the-art IT solutions. It is crucial to keep an eye on resources as well real-time planning during the planning phase of your projects – in other words: Project planning and project management require structured support. This is the only way to control the complete life cycle of a project from tender planning to invoicing.

A specialist in project-based manufacturing

The industry-specific software solution for manufacturing companies from COSMO CONSULT promotes interdepartmental cooperation. Project management is completely integrated into the ERP system and forms the common link between all tasks and activities of the individual departments. Simultaneous costing is used to monitor the planned and actual costs for each department. The application also lets you map purchases of external services and components in the ERP system and generate requests to subcontractors directly from your business solution.

Cross-company project planning

A bidirectional interface to Microsoft Project is provided to enable transparent, cross-company project planning. This enables you to synchronise planning with your suppliers, process the project collectively and return it to your ERP system – a solid basis for further planning.

Recognise and avoid risks in good time

The integrated signal monitor processes all information concerning costs and project progress and gives you a quick and accurate overview of the current project status. A traffic light display keeps you informed about critical deviations, budget constraints or specially defined risks at all times to let you take appropriate actions. Transparent project management and flexible sequence planning in production also provide a clearer overview. 

Document management made easy

Microsoft System worlds are closely interlinked. One key element is document archiving based on Microsoft SharePoint integrated into the complete solution. This provides an intuitive document management system directly in Microsoft Dynamics. The "document box" integrated into the ERP system serves as a central filing location for all kinds of documents. File documents easily using drag & drop. It can be used to initiate, send and archive postings as PDFs directly from the ERP system. In addition, using Microsoft SharePoint as a company-wide Intranet system improves work on interdepartmental projects.

Solutions directly based on experience

The decision to purchase an ERP system is always one of strategic importance. With COSMO CONSULT, you have the right IT partner on board to support your investment. Our Microsoft industry certification in project-based manufacturing and our many years of experience as one of the worldwide leading Microsoft Dynamics ERP partners are your guarantee that our products are future proof. And our many renowned customers worldwide vouch for the fact that we know project-based manufacturing inside out. So you can be sure that our industry solutions have been tested down to the very last detail and given a seal of approval by the real experts—the users. COSMO CONSULT also maintains close contact with Microsoft to ensure that our industry solutions always benefit from the latest software developments.

Improve flexibility with the cloud

We also optionally offer all our solutions as a leasing model from the cloud. This makes it completely unnecessary for you to develop a complex in-house infrastructure. Instead you can obtain all services on basis of a monthly lease. Only what you actually use will be charged – without high initial investments.

Certified by Microsoft

All industry solutions offered by COSMO CONSULT are tested and certified by Microsoft. The COSMO CONSULT solutions are based on the latest Microsoft Dynamics technology and are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision).

Play it safe

The decision to purchase an ERP system is always one of strategic importance. With COSMO CONSULT, you have the right IT partner to support your investment: Microsoft Gold status means, that our products are future proof and that we are one of the top partners for Microsoft Dynamics. What's more, our in-depth knowledge of project manufacturing is confirmed through the numerous successful projects we have under our belts. So you can be sure that our industry solutions have been tested down to the very last detail and given a seal of approval by the real experts—the users.

Does this sound interesting?

By working with you, we know that we can find the ideal concept to meet your specific requirements. For more detailed information, simply take a closer look at our manufacturing industry software solution for project-based manufacturing or for machine and plant engineering. You may also be interested in one of our numerous cross-industry add-on solutions such as CAD integration, cyclic planning, machine data connection, production data acquisition and time recording, workflow management, business intelligence or mobile data acquisition.

Get in touch with us to discuss how COSMO CONSULT can help you to get more out of your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

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