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Your first step towards digital transformation

Does this sound familiar? Everyone's talking about digitalization, digital transformation, disruptive business models and artificial intelligence. But hardly anyone has actually implemented such projects themselves.

Google these terms, and you get tons of hits. The world seems to be full of digitalization experts, analysts, consultants and agencies. Many of these are also software companies.

But which of these countless offers can help me with my business? Which solution is right for my problem?

This initial probing phase is the reason we developed the digitalization check (DigiCheck). It's designed to help you evaluate your current situation and prospects. You can also use it to objectively determine the digital maturity level of your business. It's a self-test that opens your eyes – free of charge and at no obligation!

It's all in your hands. Start with an initial benchmark, and give your own business a self-critical assessment. Compare your results with those of similarly-sized players in your sector. The DigiCheck gives you an approximately 30-page overview of potential strengths you stand to gain through digital optimization.

How do you get started quickly in digitalization?

You can start your own digital transformation with very little effort. In just 40 minutes, you can use our self-assessment to get an initial overview of your current level of digital maturity while also saving yourself the cost of a medium consulting fee. After all, no one knows your processes as well as you do!

Here's what the digitalization check can do

The DigiCheck lets you sound out all your business-critical processes in the context of your sector.

You do your own assessment, evaluating about 120 workflows. Then, at the push of a button, you get an objective result. The focus is on relevance, implementation and digitalization level based on your specific estimations. Also included are current benchmarks for your sector. 

This is an initial assessment of your digital status quo.

With this analysis of your current situation, you can walk into your first consulting meeting well-prepared, pragmatic and professional. With the DigiCheck, boths sides – customer and consultant – start out with the same level of insight. That way, we can get started right away and save time. 

How do you choose the right digitalization project?

A good digitalization project is not defined by the number of applications implemented or how many functions that a new software or technology provides. 

Rather, it's about having a vision and specific plan.

What's the next step after the digitalization check?

The plan helps us achieve the goal: The DigiCheck is followed by a workshop in which we flesh out the project objectives, business relevance and implementation. Together, we define your personal success story.

Getting started in digitalization

We provide you with the best solution at the right time, because a good project requires a methodical structure: broken down into various phases, primary and secondary goals. We start where the customer benefit is the greatest, whether that involves organizational change processes or new technologies and solutions. Oftentimes, little beginner projects are more cost-effective, offering a rapid return on investment (RoI) and helping to build trust.

Here's why people are the main focus in the digital transformation

This method has proven itself successful, since digitalization and IT projects can often be very ambitious and overwhelming to the organization and the users. Yet project success depends on the retention of stakeholders and acceptance of the IT-assisted process on the part of key users. If the project already meets with resistance at this point, it becomes very difficult to improve or optimize processes long-term. 

The success of digitalization projects depends, most of all, on the people involved. The technology plays a smaller role.  After all, people are the ones who ultimately get a software off the ground and define and optimize processes.

Here's how we support you through your digital transformation

The idea behind our DigiCheck is to develop a plan that helps you arm your vision with the right technology.

We support you right from the beginning and throughout your digitalization project. Because we see our business relationship as a strategic partnership.

Our comprehensive consulting and documentation approach follows the philosophy of the continuous improvement process (customer success management). That includes mutual cooperation in the project and the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies and innovative, automated processes. The goal is to always to keep your digital roadmap in mind and align priorities according to your business success.

Your business success is our top priority. Our seasoned consultants and customer success managers help you successfully implement your digitalization plan.  You'll identify potential improvements in your process landscape early on and be able to quickly adapt your digital roadmap in the event of changing conditions or requirements. 

Digital transformation doesn't mean having the latest technology. It means responding quickly and flexibly to new market conditions. Our goal is to help you do it.

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