Digital Maturity Check: Benchmark your Processes!

Are you aware of the digital status quo of your company? Or what the digital benchmark in your specific industry is? How do you increase efficiency through digitization? Find the answers to those questions using COSMO CONSULT’s diagnostics tool. We help you identify your company’s digital potential!

Check your digital maturity now!

Immediate Results

This Benchmark-Analysis was developed by leading process consultants and scientists in Germany. The questionaire consists of different chapters and offers a holistic view on the digital process landscape of your enterprise. An individual report can be accessed directly.

You can get detailed reports on every area of your company. An analysis can be provided, whenever you close a chapter of the questionaire. Every chapter has its own evaluation. Once you completed the whole questionaire, you will get a holistic report on your company’s digital maturity.

Sample report as download

Added Value guaranteed

What’s in for you?

  1. You will determine today‘s digital maturity of your organization!
  2. You can compare your company with your specific industry!
  3. You will identify areas of activity concerning your digitization process!

If you want more support: We will work with you on your company‘s digital roadmap and develop your own digitization strategy. There is a lot more digital potential to leverage than you think.


Go digital: choose your specific industry and start benchmarking

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We know the SME market extremely well and have gathered experiences from many projects for the last 20 years, cultivating a learning culture. That expertise we want to share and give to our clients, because digitization is not a product, it’s a philosophy!

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