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COSMO CONSULT honors clients and partners with awards

Björn Lorenz03/27/2024

Digital transformation specialist COSMO CONSULT recently presented the inaugural COSMO Awards. The COSMO Awards recognize clients and partners for outstanding performance and and brave digital transformation projects. A multidisciplinary jury selects the winners. The COSMO Awards will be presented on an annual basis in the future.

Making a business fit for the future means adopting modern technologies, embracing new business models, and going digital. Even if there is much enthusiasm for new ideas, this can also lead to fear and resistance. However, when companies move forward bravely, build their knowledge base, and seize their opportunity to be at the vanguard of the digital revolution, they deserve recognition. That is exactly what the COSMO Award is about and for the first time the digital transformation specialists of the COSMO CONSULT Group have awarded this prize to clients and partners. In the two categories "Bravery" and "Hungry for Knowledge", COSMO CONSULT is honoring companies that are facing the digital challenges of the future with determination, building up knowledge and implementing their plans quickly.

The first two winners

The Braveness category recognizes companies that have fully taken their organization digital, seamlessly integrating diverse technologies and taking advantage of the cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS). The winner here was the international group SALTO WECOSYSTEM, which is active in more than 20 countries worldwide. As part of a global digital transformation project, the company was able to standardize business processes across all locations and move them to the cloud. In the "Hungry for Knowledge" category, the award went to Steinert GmbH. The company booked the most courses at COSMO College last year and was therefore able to build up a broad knowledge base in the field of digital transformation.

COSMO Awards to be presented annually

The COSMO Awards will be presented annually in future. A multidisciplinary jury will evaluate the nominations and select the winners in the various categories. In addition to the award itself, the winners also receive benefits such as a free introductory workshop in artificial intelligence (AI). "The COSMO Award recognizes clients and partners who are bravely leading the way and who, through their special projects and accomplishments, show that investing in digital technologies pays off," emphasizes Daniel Schmid, Chief Portfolio Officer (CPO) at COSMO CONSULT. Next year, "Close Partner" will be added as an additional category, meaning there will be three COSMO Award winners.

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