Fast and efficient production through resource planning

Pia Gegenhuber, Jennifer Medwenitsch05/03/2023

ERP provides superpower to the print and packaging industry

Our superheroes will accompany you on the path towards digital transformation and give you insights into how ERP power strengthens the print and packaging industry. In the fourth adventure, you will experience how COSMO Print and Packaging enables you to easily display complex set-up processes and make resource planning more efficient.

A matter of synergies

Well-planned job sequences and low machine downtime are key success factors in your industry. Through the recent stories of Print and Pack, you also know the importance of a good data structure. In this new adventure, our heroes show you how essential it is to identify synergies based on this data. What is the best way to combine jobs? Which productions run best in parallel and how can set-up times between units be kept as short as possible? Accompany them on their way to more efficiency in production.

Working under time pressure - production stress pre-programmed

You know those intense times when your company is working at full capacity with an order peak. The most important thing is to approach the various jobs in a concentrated and structured way and to find the optimal order of jobs. But the complexity of pre-press and makeready planning, combined with time pressure, often makes this complicated. So the plan goes off without a hitch - job processing is based on the random principle. The result is excessively long set-up times, excessive stock levels and makeready costs that exceed the quotations. With the goal of building more efficiency for your company, call on the superheroes Print and Pack for help.



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Against the concept of conceptlessness

Together with Print and Pack, you take a close look at the set-up planning. It doesn't take long before realizing that existing data is too rarely used for comparisons. The lack of synergies leads to poor machine planning and longer makeready times. There is no constant machine utilisation and the availability of necessary materials is often taken into account too late. As a result, incomplete or late deliveries of inadequate quality occur more and more often. Since efficient machine planning is not only important to you, but also the satisfaction of your customers, you decide to better coordinate order sequences.

Mix and match for better machine utilisation

As a planning expert, you know exactly what needs to be done. To create as little downtime as possible in the future through better resource planning, you ask Print and Pack to clearly prepare the duration of set-up processes and consumption figures. Your goal is to combine or even merge future jobs in such a way that you generate optimal machine utilisation. For the sake of greater cost transparency, you also rely on more precise product pre-calculations, sales calculations and post-calculations. With this target/actual comparison, you can now directly compare pre-calculated offers with the real end results. This gives you a firm grip on your set-up times and all costs incurred.


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Process optimisation through targeted machine planning

COSMO Print and Packaging offers you the chance to easily control complex processes and save important time in makeready operations to make processes more efficient. With the "Resource Planning" and "Combination Orders" modules, you seize the opportunity to define the best possible planning sequence easily and quickly for your orders. Data and resources are combined and possible sequences for planning are suggested. Furthermore, you now also succeed in optimally carrying out parallel productions. Cost efficient production and timely deliveries in the right quality are now child's play for you. In addition to optimising your internal processes, you have also taken an important step towards customer satisfaction.

Thank you for accompanying Print and Pack on the adventures of the print and packaging industry towards digital transformation. Do you also want to use the digitalisation power of COSMO Print and Packaging for yourself? Through quotation calculation, CRM integration, task management, product cockpit, resource planning and combination orders, you dare to take an important step towards process optimisation and use the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction in your company.

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