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Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central yourself with ease

by Björn Lorenz on 03/04/2021

Many companies, although small, have high standards for their IT. Therefore, IT investments are often very costly for them. With the COSMO Digital Consultant, the COSMO CONSULT Group is bringing a solution to market that allows you to implement ERP projects completely on your own. It is tailored to fit the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system and guides users through installation, setup and adding any system extensions step-by-step.

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Why a digital workplace is important for recruiting

by Björn Lorenz on 02/01/2018

The digital transformation is not only changing the way companies work, but it is also changing what people think is a good place to work. Issues such as work-life balance and flexible working hours are therefore becoming more and more important in recruiting staff. Companies that offer their employees digital workplaces have a clear advantage. With Microsoft technologies, the requirements for digital workplaces can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

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