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International Projects

Global Reach | Local Touch

Your international project is in the best possible hands with us. As a leading international partner of Microsoft, we have a large partner network through our own locations, with whom we work together to meet your challenges. Global Reach - we are at your disposal as your global contact. Local Touch - we attach great importance to providing local contacts for your team in every country. The combination of these two statements creates the right conditions for your international strategy.

Global Services

Votre stratégie de projet international avec COSMO CONSULT

The Global Services of Cosmo Consult are additional services, especially developed from our experience for our international clients, who want to realize projects across borders. The challenges for international projects shall be mastered with services which we offer in addition to the local project business.

Through our experience and prepared processes and templates, structures and organizations are formed at an early stage in such projects, which go hand in hand with the global strategy of your international enterprise. This Services are regardless of which Software you choose, or whether it is only about processes or data.

Each of the following topics can be considered separately. If you have a specific question on one topic only, just give us a call - we will be happy to help you.

Réseau international des services IT de COSMO CONSULT