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Ideas competition fosters creativity at COSMO CONSULT Berlin

from Björn Lorenz

There are good ideas in every company. You just have to pick them up. To promote this, COSMO CONSULT Berlin held its second competition under the motto "Digital Hero". During the competition, Berlin COSMOnauts could submit their ideas on digital transformation, either as individuals or in a team. Torsten Heymann won the victory prize for "cc|knowledge manager". The system will make it easier to access expert knowledge within the COSMO CONSULT Group in the future.

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SMEs go digital: Getting good advice is half the battle

from Björn Lorenz

Strategic thinking, a holistic view of the value chain, and technical know-how on topics such as business solutions, sensor technology, big data, the cloud, business intelligence and mobile solutions are just some of the many skills required for comprehensive digital consulting.

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