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Unlike conventional software introductions, the digital transformation of a company is far more than just a technical project. It is a continuous transformation process consisting of its strategic approach and highlighting people as well as corporate culture.

However, we are not starting at square one. After all, IT-supported projects are nothing new. So what has fundamentally changed? Why are we nowadays talking about paradigm shift, increased urgency and radical changes in the market? The reason for this are the mere unlimited technical possibilities and quick and easy availability thereof in the context of classic corporate processes. Cloud solutions, for example, provide information independent of time and location on each end device, while artificial intelligence with its intelligent algorithms is able to generate usable knowledge from high data volumes.

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First Hand Experience

Consulting firms like COSMO CONSULT often speak of the changes on the clients’ side, however, hardly ever mention their own internal digital transformation. Yet, we are changing too, and thus share this experience step-by-step with our clients. For a service provider who is rather technically oriented, this is not an easy task. It is above all soft factors such as culture and empathy that are to be developed. In order to integrate all COSMOnauts and not only enhance technical skills, we are placing an emphasis on a comprehensive and agile transformation concept. The mindset, attitude and handling of digitalization is changing in the process. The staff learn to understand the strategic dimension, recognize opportunities and develop their own ideas. It is true that digitalization projects are elaborate. They take up a lot of time and resources. However, our own digital transformation is by far the most important investment in the future. Only if we gain a profound understanding of digitalization can we fulfill our mission: to have our clients profit from digitalization.

The knowledge gained from our own transformation process is incorporated directly into the service we provide. Therefore, we are currently developing tools, methods and services that pave the way to new infrastructure and digital business models for our clients. What matters in this respect is which base to built on, and how to evolve/further develop from this starting point. At the same time, protecting investments and securing the future of systems already in use must be taken into account, and the level of digitalization and automation must be determined.

Changing Thinking, Before Changing Things

Where do digital approaches really make sense? Which projects are particularly promising? And how can it all be implemented flexibly? It does not always involve a major change in system. As digitalization actually starts in the mind, our central idea is “Changing thinking, before changing things”. This means that first and foremost we challenge ourselves, our behavior, or the respective corporate processes, before we subscribe to a new Cloud service, install a software or draft a digital process.

Our Consulting Service Package

1. Digital Development Level

For your digitalization project, we support our client with a wide range of solutions and a comprehensive consulting approach - from the initial idea all the way to the final implementation. As a first step of our service we offer a digitalization check with which we determine the digitalization level of the respective company, and compare it with a similarly structured company of the same sector. This individual profile will be the basis for all further proceedings.

2. Digital Vision

The future workshop builds on the digitalization check and is designed in form of a digital ambition workshop. During the workshop, clients and consultants intensively discuss concrete and corporate-specific requirements for the digitalization. The objective is to enable the staff in charge of the project to draw up the digital vision of their company, and to create respective project approaches based on it. Entirely in line with the “Changing thinking, before changing things” concept, the main focus is on topics such as strategy and corporate cultures, and is less about the technical challenges or even a product evaluation. Together with you, we will develop the digital vision for your company that will later serve as guideline, project motivation and objective of the transformation.

3. Digital Roadmap

Programs of this scale are usually based on the existing IT infrastructure, otherwise it would not be affordable. Therefore, the time frame is set to be rather long-term. We count on long-term business relations to professionally and technically manage the digital transformation in every aspect. In a joint effort, we develop your digital agenda, prioritize partial projects and flexibly implement these along the digital roadmap. It is not the size of the project that matters, but the business impact assured by the digitalized process. This allows our clients to experience digitalization. At the same time, all involved will be optimally integrated.

10 tips for a successful digitisation

1# Digital transformation starts in the head

Digital transformation is not a product; it is not something you can by off the rack, and it does not have a price tag. It is more a philosophy, one that - if everything goes right - will alter your company in all areas.

#2 Get many minds involved - innovative digital swarm intelligence

Digital transformation is an issue that affects the company as a whole. It changes a company’s corporate culture, its work processes and the operational exchange of information. The digital transformation team should therefore include employees from all...

3# Develop a digital transformation strategy

Develop a digital strategy that inspires your employees and makes your business more successful. Identify time-consuming processes that keep employees and customers from devoting themselves to creative tasks and innovative ideas.

4# Work together with start-ups

Modern technologies such as the Microsoft Application Platform pave the way for benefiting from the know-how and creativity of start-ups.

5# Invest in your employees

The skills of employees are critical for digital transformation to be successful given the new demands of today’s changing world of work.

6# Be customer-centric

There is an endless number of ways of establishing a digital corporate culture. Every company chooses its own path. Market-oriented companies focus on their customers. They determine what added value new products and services have for the target group and...

7# Make use of your data

What do internal combustion engines and digital transformation have in common? Well, they both cannot run on their own power, but rather require fuel. In the case of combustion engines, the fuel is refined from crude oil. In the case of digital...

8# Use the latest technology

Digital transformation does not depend solely on the latest technology and software tools, but those things are decisive for driving the transformation forward. Digital platforms can help increase customer satisfaction; cloud services can make processes...

9# Start digitalization by changing your approach

To find the right path to digitalization, a company needs imagination and sometimes a new pair of shoes. First and foremost, you need to be able to realistically estimate your level of digital maturity and your situation in comparison to the competition....

10# Digitalize your business model

Successful companies think ahead and adapt to market shifts on time. Digitalization is an opportunity to gain competitive advantage through new ideas, as cards are being reshuffled in many industries. This makes it all the more important not to postpone...

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