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COSMO CONSULT celebrates a sustainable Christmas

Björn Lorenz11/23/2022
Sustainable Christmas in COSMO CONSULT

They are the Christmas centrepiece, radiate coziness and create a contemplative mood: around 30 million Christmas trees are bought in this country every year - for more than 700 million euros. And that doesn't even include the cost of disposal. A lot of money for a manageable useful life. The COSMO CONSULT Group shows that there is another way and equips offices and employees with sustainable Christmas trees made of artfully crafted wood. 

Christmas spirit reigns at the COSMO CONSULT Group locations. The Christmas decorations are already ready. And yet something is different this time. Because this year, sustainable Christmas trees from Santa Saves Trees are decorating COSMO CONSULT offices across Europe. Each of the artfully crafted wooden trees is both an eye-catcher and a center of attraction. A work of art that offsets up to 7.7 tons of CO2, partly because a new tree is planted for every one sold. In addition, a portion of the proceeds is donated to charitable children's organizations. So the new trees not only decorate the offices of the COSMO CONSULT Group, but also benefit organizations such as the SOS Children's Villages Germany.

In total, the COSMO CONSULT Group ordered 14 large and more than 1,000 small trees for offices in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Romania and Switzerland. "Being actively involved in helping people, animals and the environment is very important to us. It is a piece of social responsibility for us as a company. When we decorate our offices in a sustainable way for Christmas, it's not only visually stylish, it also underscores the importance of sustainability for us humans," emphasizes Nicole Müller, Chief Brand & People Officer of the COSMO CONSULT Group. Something like this, she says, is easily lost in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. "By giving our employees small, sustainable Christmas trees, they also take these thoughts home with them," adds Müller. 

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