Optimizing decisions with holistic solutions

The products and services of the Data Science Department are specialized in optimizing decisions in complex, dynamic markets. Proven methods and in-house developments in fields such as data mining, forecasting or operations research are used. The combination of tried-and-tested products from selected partners as well as the years of experience in methodological implementation ensure the success of the countless customer projects.

"Professional data management simplifies, manages and automates the integration of data, whether it originates from internal or external sources."

(Roland Abele, COSMO CONSULT)  

Together with our customers and partners, we develop economically viable, holistic solutions based on data analyses and forecasts - including optimized instructions that aim to supplement or replace your decision-making process. Our concepts are based on an end-to-end approach. This means that you will receive all products and services from one single source, from their conception to the final implementation.

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Data Acquisition

It’s all about the data 

Data Acquisition is about selecting the right data sources and checking them for reliability, quality and completeness. Only valid data is suitable for mathematical models that optimize decision-making. Ideally, raw data is used to ensure the authenticity of data. This results in a clean data basis that can also serve as the basis for mathematical algorithms in an aggregated form.

Data Preprocessing

Selecting the right data

Data preprocessing is about picking the right data, cleaning it up and providing it for further processing in the appropriate format. For example, incomplete values are supplemented by interpolation and outliers are identified. The result of preprocessing is a clean data basis - the basis for a sustainable solution.

Our solutions are also used in the following products:

Data Mining

Recognizing existing patterns

Data Mining uses statistical and information technology methods- such as the Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) methodology – to extract decision-related information from existing data. The initial exploratory study can often be achieved with a descriptive analysis. Graphical analysis in the form of histograms, scatterplots, box plots or run charts provide insight into dependencies, influencing factors, trends or seasonal fluctuations. The findings of the exploratory study are then expanded and deepened using quantitative methods. Unsupervised learning algorithms, for instance, can help in finding patterns in the data. COSMO CONSULT has the competence necessary to implement the entire data mining process, especially with methods such as:

  • Outlier detection  
  • Cluster analysis  
  • Classification 
  • Association analysis  
  • Regression analysis or  
  • Time series analysis 

Predictive Analytics

Learn from experience

The COSMO CONSULT forecaster is an intelligent forecasting system that constantly monitors the quality of results and corrects the mathematical algorithm based on the latest insights. With the help of the forecaster, central characteristics of the usage time series such as trends, seasonal influences or variances can be analyzed and evaluated by the system. In addition, the analysis module determines the influence of external factors such as temperature or days of the week.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Data-driven process optimization

You can then use the results of the analysis to determine the best forecasting method for your data. The forecast results can either be used directly by the company or be combined with our operations research procedures to derive optimized recommendations for action. Industrial, commercial and service companies are thus able to use past data to make the right decisions for the future.

Using supervised learning (machine learning), the recognized correlations provided by data mining can be precisely quantified and used to make forecasts or optimize decisions. At COSMO CONSULT, we rely on modern, future-oriented models and algorithms. Different procedures have one thing in common: They are customized to match the exact respective task and situation of your company. Our models and algorithms are also easy to integrate into existing systems and platforms such as Microsoft Azure.

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Prescriptive analytics - Concrete answers to urgent questions

Optimized decisions are the key to success in dynamic markets. The growing complexity of business processes along with the rapidly increasing amount of data and information and the continuous demand for shorter reaction times require systems that can strategically and operationally optimize decisions.

COSMO CONSULT provides industrial, commercial and service companies with intelligent analysis and optimization processes to make the right decisions for complex issues. With the combination of predictive analytics and operations research, we develop holistic solutions in the area of prescriptive analytics. These can either be used as a cloud service or integrated locally into the existing system environmen

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For us, service means to provide you with needs-oriented and future-oriented consultation right from the beginning - not only in the process of choosing the right solution, but also in the launching and further development of your solution.


For the development of customer-specific Data Science solutions, we rely on tried-and-tested proprietary developments as well as standardized machine learning and artificial intelligence models from our technology partners Microsoft and IBM.

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COSMO CONSULT has many years of experience in providing digital solutions in the field of data science. Our services are based on a clear approach, detailed knowledge of business processes, and excellent product expertise. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the unique possibilities available to you when you use modern software technologies. Please give us a call! We look forward to talking with you on how your business can enter the digital age.

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