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COSMO CONSULT in the top ten of the Lünendonk List once again

Björn Lorenz06/23/2023

June is a month when IT consulting houses and system vendors feel a little electricity in the air. That is when the market research and consulting firm Lünendonk & Hossenfelder publishes its Lünendonk List. The list is one of the most important market surveys in the industry. If you want to know which service providers are among the big players, this is where you look. In the recently published survey for the financial year 2022, the COSMO CONSULT Group was once again able to maintain its solid position in the top ten.

Despite the difficult economic environment, the top IT consultancies saw double-digit growth last year. And there is also optimism for the current year. "We are in a special situation when compared to other industries: Many companies are experiencing uncertainty, but at the same time are under intense pressure to go digital. As a result, the demand for digital services and the need for consulting remain high," emphasises Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group. At the moment, for example, the focus is on taking processes digital through the use of intelligent solutions in order to reduce the workload of people in companies. Digital technologies are therefore helping to drive growth despite a shortage of skilled labour. Innovative solutions for the intelligent use of existing data or the development of new business areas are also in demand. "But technology is not what drives the decisions. Digital transformation entails many changes. In order for that transformation to be successful, it is important to put people at the centre and win them over," Bergmann says. This is why it is important for digital transformation partners to also play a supporting role in change processes.

High demand for digital solutions

The fact that COSMO CONSULT is once again among the top ten IT consultancies is a confirmation that its holistic approach to digital transformation works. The specialist in digital transformation was also able to increase its turnover and the number of employees in the past year. In addition to the traditional business areas involving ERP and CRM systems, modern technologies from areas such as data and analytics, intelligent ERP (iERP) and artificial intelligence (AI) have gained significantly in importance. These modern technologies can help make management decisions or optimise manufacturing processes. "We have clients from every industry, ranging from start-ups to large international corporations. And all of our clients are facing the challenge of developing digital business models and a modern corporate culture," says Uwe Bergmann. Because COSMO CONSULT covers the entire digital transformation spectrum, it is in the perfect position to assist companies with their transition.

Digital competence from first-hand experience

The Lünendonk List provides companies with an unbiased view of the IT consulting market. It is based on objective market analysis and has been an important industry barometer for many years. The list appears as a preview in advance of a more comprehensive study that will be published at the end of July. This more comprehensive study also looks at which IT projects are currently at the top of companies' agendas. For companies looking to invest, the list and the study are important guides. "We are delighted to have made the ranking again this year. We started early with digital transformation, first transforming our own organisation and then sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers. Being ranked among the best shows that we are on the right track," Bergmann commented.

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