Business trips without adverse effects on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business trips can mean dealing with a lot of bureaucracy. This is due to cumbersome booking procedures, complicated tax regulations and the often time-consuming work of dealing with travel expense reports. Oftentimes, a variety of applications have to be filed, requiring the same information to be entered over and over. COSMO CONSULT links the online travel expense accounting system Rydoo Expense to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a seamless digital process.

Via the bidirectional interface developed by COSMO CONSULT, all master data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 pertaining to travel expense accounting are also available in Rydoo Expense. Likewise, all travel expense records are automatically transferred into the books upon completion of the approval process.

The combination of Rydoo Expense and Microsoft Dynamics 365 transforms travel expense accounting into a simple, user-friendly process for web browsers, smartphones and tablets. As a result, only minimal data entry is required. The perfect solution for integrating digitalized travel expense accounting into modern business software.

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Rydoo Expense at a glance

  • Over 500,000 users at 3,000 companies in 60 countries.
  • Available for your web browser or as an app for iOS and Android
  • Compatible with business solutions from Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, DATEV and more
  • Flexible data export using text or Extensible Markup Language (XML) format
  • Easily integrate other solutions, e.g. for customer relationship management (CRM) or online payments
  • Connect additional systems using the application programming interface (API)
  • Worldwide 24/7 support in nine languages
  • Now available in ten languages
  • Automatically adjusts to changing legal requirements in over 40 countries
  • Secure, GDPR- & ISO-compliant data storage on servers in Belgium and the Netherlands for at least ten years
  • Anti-virus protection, firewall and seperate virtual networks (DMZ) included

Travel expense reports can be so easy

You have a high-performing team. You’re on the road a lot. So much, that the piles of receipts keep getting bigger? That’s no good – you’ll be waiting forever to get refunded, and your company doesn’t know what their budget actually looks like. But when would you have time for all those invoices? After all, you’re hardly ever in the office. The Rydoo cloud service lets you settle your receipts from wherever you might be. Just create a trip, use your phone to photograph your receipts, check over the scanned receipt data, add any details you want and send. That’s it! With text recognition, automated functions and predefined accounting processes, you hardly have to lift a finger, and your travel expense reporting is practically done for you. If you like numbers, take a look at these: This takes 87% less time and in-house processing costs by 81%. Pretty cool, right? About half a million users at 3,000 companies in over 60 countries already think so. Rydoo saves them 805,000 work hours a year. And it’s fun to use, too!

The solution for travel costs

Always there – in your web browser or as a mobile app

To use Rydoo, all you need is a basic web browser. For even more convenience, try the mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS. Rydoo is right at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere. Log your trips and receipts as you go. It takes less effort and makes your expense reporting much more accurate, given that digital receipts aren’t nearly as easy to lose.

On the road in real time

Rydoo processes travel expenses in real time. As a cost center manager, you can keep track of the budget as it develops. With the additional reports on travel expenses or reimbursements, you’ll also have insight into how costs are trending over time. Print the reports out or export the numbers to convert them into graphics.

Want to stay always in the loop when it comes to travel expenses? With Rydoo, you can do it without ever coming into the office. The mobile app lets you use your smartphone or tablet to see how much money your company spends on business travel, how much they pay in trip advances or how much time employees spend on the road. You’ll have a better understanding of your team’s spending habits, so you can make the right decisions when it comes to contract negotiations or cost cutting.

It doesn’t get any easier than this

Still copying receipts and typing them up? There’s an easier way. Take a picture of your receipts, and leave the rest to Rydoo. This cloud service uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically detect tax-related information like the contractor, date, receipt total or currency and then plugs this information into the calculation. Its a reliable process that automatically detects and takes out duplicates. If need be, you can also add in more information, e.g. project reference numbers or cost centers. And what if you've already digitized your receipts? No problem! Just drag & drop the documents into your web browser. Or you can just as easily email PDF invoices to Rydoo.

Let Rydoo take care of your busy work

Using the trip details you’ve entered, Rydoo calculates mileage allowances and per diems, all according to tax rates and company rules. Using Google Maps, the app automatically calculates mileages. All that’s left to do is check the final amount and click to submit the trip for approval.

Just wave it through

Travel requests piling up on your end, too? With rydoo, you can approve trips with just a few clicks. Because Rydoo knows your company’s travel expense rules inside and out. The cloud service learns guidelines down to the smallest detail, based on categories, projects and rules. So per diems and mileage allowances are calculated correctly and consistently throughout the company. If travel expenses don’t comply with the guidelines or if a threshold has been exceeded, you’ll be the first to know. With Rydoo, nothing can slip under your radar. And the whole thing works on the road, too. With the mobile app, you can pull up trip details and approve expenses with the swipe of a finger. Automated workflows ensure that your staff are immediately notified of any status changes. Write an email? No need.

Additional highlights

For every corner of the world

Rydoo Expense is a global solution. It incorporates the international differences in tax law and keep you in compliance with local regulations. From Germany’s complicated provisions on pro diems to British “HMRC mileage” regulations and paperless authorizations in Spain – it’s all accounted for. No matter which countries your company has a presence in, Rydoo keeps you always working legally.

Great for the whole company

Rydoo Expense let you harmonize your travel expense accounting. With Rydoo, you can avoid the jungle of local applications and use one account for the whole company. Special configurations and presettings help you tailor the booking process and travel expense accounting to both local laws and company guidelines. Take advantage of global reports on booking data, travel costs or budgetary development; with localized evaluations available for every country.

Get started in no time

Rydoo Expense take just a few weeks to set up – no matter how big your company is. How? Thanks to the Rydoo Enterprise Onboarding method. It allows for rapid transfer of know-how and allows users to start working entirely on their own in practically no time at all.

Handoff to accounting

Rydoo is easy to integrate into existing IT landscapes. It doesn’t matter if your systems operate in the cloud or at your company’s own data center. So you can have individual travel expense records automatically transferred into the books. Rydoo supports ERP systems from Microsoft, SAP, Sage or Oracle, among others. For Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and Operations COSMO CONSULT provides a standard integration.

Keeping your travel expense accounting legal

At least as far as travel expense accounting goes, Rydoo makes sure you always stay on the right side of the law. Seated in Belgium, the company meets the legal requirements of about 40 different countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the entire EU. The Rydoo app also keeps you safe from cyberattacks. It features anti-virus protection, a firewall and separate virtual networks (DMZ). And, of course, your data is encrypted before transmission.

As safe as the Central Bank

Your data is stored exclusively on servers in the EU, in accordance with ISO27001-certified quality and security standards. It is subject to strict European security and data protection legislation. In addition to that Rydoo meets all the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR).

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