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Christina Wild12/05/2022

It has been over 12 years since I became part of my wonderful team. My name is Christina Wild and with my blog post I would like to show you that the job as a accountant does not only consist of numbers and individual work.

Accounting at COSMO

Back in March 2010 I already knew at the job interview that working at COSMO CONSULT is more than just completing tasks and that fun and passion for what we do are not neglected. I was fascinated that this certain "feel-good factor" was immediately noticeable. The first impression of a relaxed company culture was also confirmed after my employment. A lot of trust is placed, and if you work conscientiously, you can create your own pleasant working day.

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My field of work does not only consist of rigid figures and countless Excel lists. The variety that my job at COSMO CONSULT brings is unique. My supervisor and I are a well-coordinated team. He is an easy-going and welcoming manager who looks after his employees. It is the cohesion and trust that is an important success factor for me in the team. Of course, working with numbers is unavoidable in accounting. I also enjoy that the ongoing exchange of information with the tax office as well as processing all invoices and dealing with modern document management tools like Rydoo are part of my daily business. However, I don't just sit alone in an office in front of a screen with confusing Excel spreadsheets. Communicating with customers in dunning, insurance agents regarding company cars and supporting our COSMOnauts with financial issues are all part of my varied work. I am a communicative person by nature and like to be around people. That's why it's especially important for me to maintain contact with customers, partner companies and employees. Sometimes more delicate topics come up, such as dunning.  When I manage to get outstanding invoices paid (perhaps after a long time) with one phone call, it's a small COSMO moment of happiness for me. It's a daily mix of interactions with external and internal people and the need for great accuracy in execution.

As an accountant, I have deep insights into the profitability of a company. I find it exciting to process and distribute the various payment flows and from within the accounting department I always have insight into other departments, not to mention into the entire business processes of the company. 

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Work-life balance and flexibility - COSMO makes it possible

Depending on whether I work from my home office or in the office, I get up earlier or later. Flexible time management makes it possible. The important thing in both situations is coffee in order to start my work.

I am mum of two girls, who are now at a very independent age. When I started my journey at COSMO CONSULT 12 years ago and my children were still small, it was important to me to reconcile my family and my job. This flexibility is granted to me as a COSMOnaut and is supported by the entire team. Even today, I appreciate the freedom to be there for my teenagers. A short break to go for a walk with them or to help with homework is absolutely no problem.

To be able to work successfully in long term, a work-life balance is an extremely important point. For me, sport and spending time with my girls are the most important points in order to successfully balance everyday work. A run in the sunshine or a training session in the gym gives me new energy for the rest of my work. I can organise my time freely and schedule family activities and sports. A lot of consideration is given to the needs of the individual employees. It is precisely this “empathy” and “flexibility” that provide an individual focus which leads to a win-win situation on the part of the employer and the employee. This freedom and the group cohesiveness have shaped my COSMO story.

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