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Taking a new look at COSMO

Gero Brinkbäumer01/25/2022

We are all living in an age of transformation. Innovations are blazing fresh trails through the current landscape, with new digital technologies playing a key role in driving the changes. As one of the leading partners for digital transformation, COSMO CONSULT is helping many companies around the world transform themselves, develop further and find their own path into the digital future. To mark the start of the journey down this path into a new era, COSMO CONSULT is taking on a new face. A new logo, a new slogan and a fresh modern design all emphasize the company’s core message: People are what give transformation its great potential.

The focus is on people

For more than a quarter of a century, COSMO CONSULT has been providing companies of all sizes from all sectors with the IT technologies and services they need to grow their businesses. But since then the world has changed in fundamental ways: When COSMO CONSULT was launched in 1996, the internet was still in its infancy. Sending SMS messages was all the rage. And artificial intelligence was pure science fiction. Since then, new technologies have revolutionized how we go about our everyday lives and how we work.

Minor adjustments notwithstanding, COSMO CONSULT's brand identity had not been affected by this revolution until now. There was a good reason for it not being affected, too: the foundation, the core of the brand, has always been people. "We started out as digital transformation specialists because we saw this field as one of the important challenges for the future, if not the most important challenge" says Uwe Bergmann, founder and CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group. "New technologies are transforming the world, but for us, the key has always been that that transformation has to be about technologies that are in the service of people."

Starting the journey to a new era

Since then, the speed of digital change has become even more dynamic, especially in the corporate environment. As the only partner in the world to be chosen by Microsoft for the Inner Circle both for traditional business solutions and also for forward-looking AI technologies, COSMO CONSULT is among the pioneers of this development. Automation, mobility, AI-supported assistance systems–all these developments are transforming familiar work processes and creating prospects for completely new business models. The digital transformation of the world of work is booming. Many companies are now undergoing that transformation process. It is a process involving profound changes and renewal, but also involving uncertainty and critical reevaluation of companies’ own strengths and weaknesses.

In this current phase, when many companies are setting out through new digital territory, COSMO CONSULT is sending an important message with its new brand identity: "Now is the time to renew our commitment to human technology," says Uwe Bergmann. "With our new look, we are making clear that we, too, are starting the journey to a new era together with our customers and partners. And at the same time, we are strengthening the core of our identity and our message: The transformation and renewal is all about people."

“The power of people”

Our new slogan "the power of people" might not be typical for a technology and digital transformation company. What it shows is that COSMO CONSULT is serious about focusing on people. That has not changed. The former slogan "business software for people" clearly showed what we are about. The shift in emphasis, however, shows how COSMO CONSULT has evolved: Software is still an important aspect, but digital transformation is about more than just software. It is about processes of change that have a deep impact on a company’s corporate culture.

Change management and organizational consulting are therefore now part of COSMO CONSULT's standard repertoire. "Because we have experienced the process of transformation in our own company and are even still continuing that process, we see sharing our experience with customers as not only our strong suit, but also our special responsibility," says Uwe Bergmann. The key is to see that modern business technologies are not an end in themselves. They are rather tools to help people achieve self-realization in their work. The great potential of the digital revolution lies in people–in their passion and creativity. That has been COSMO CONSULT’s message since its founding, and it is more important today than ever.

The purpose of COSMO CONSULT’s new brand identity is above all to reinforce and clarify this message. From the logo to icons and images to the completely overhauled web design, the company will present its new face in the coming weeks. For Uwe Bergmann, this represents an important and necessary step: "What we are doing is taking a new, fresh look at ourselves and the central role of people in the digital age. We invite all our existing and potential customers, our partners and potential employees to join us in taking a new look at COSMO CONSULT."

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