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COSMO CONSULT named to Microsoft's Inner Circle for the ninth time

Björn Lorenz07/28/2021
Auszeichnung Inncer Circle 2021/2022 for Microsoft Business Applications

Microsoft’s Inspire, its annual partner conference took place in mid-July. It is an important event for Microsoft Dynamics partners, because that is when Microsoft announces which partners will be part of the prestigious Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications for the next period. The Inner Circle brings together the most important partners for digital transformation from around the world, representing the Microsoft partner network’s current top vendors. For the ninth consecutive time, the COSMO CONSULT Group, Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 and digital transformation expert, will be a member of the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle’s bar for inclusion is high: if you want to be part of it, you have to demonstrate not only business success but also expertise, for example in Microsoft Dynamics 365 standard products and modern platform technologies. You also should contribute to Microsoft's digital future strategy. The digital transformation, which is now in full swing in many companies and sectors, plays a key role here. Top partners from the Inner Circle are expected to generate fresh momentum with their own innovations, products and services. They should help companies achieve more success and a higher level of performance and to drive digital transformation as leaders. To do so you need a broad knowledge of, for example, enterprise solutions, digital platform technologies and current trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, cloud services and data analytics. The customers’ benefit and satisfaction are always the decisive factors.

Only partners who receive top marks for their practical work and who demonstrably create added value using Microsoft technologies are appointed to the Inner Circle. It is no wonder that this includes above all those specialists who have mastered the entire range of Microsoft solutions, who implement international projects, who offer a wide range of industry expertise and who also cooperate closely with Microsoft at the strategic level. "Particularly this year, when profound business transformations affected nearly every company and industry in the world, the focus is especially on Microsoft Business Applications partners from all parts of the globe. They have accelerated the digital transformation of our joint customers and showed them the path to success," said Cecilia Flombaum, Microsoft Business Applications Ecosystem Lead.

Expertise in digital transformation is increasingly important

As the largest software provider in the world, Microsoft develops market-leading solutions for almost every area. In recent years, a comprehensive digital platform and a modern cloud infrastructure has been established that benefit large and small companies alike. Today, you can develop innovative products based on future-oriented technologies without having to give too much consideration to performance and data protection. The demands placed on the Inner Circle partners have thus also changed. "Today, it is not just a question of being well equipped to deal with individual disciplines. It is much more important to lead companies into the digital future and make them the winners of the digital transformation process," said COSMO CONSULT CEO Uwe Bergmann.

Digital transformation is first and foremost about people

Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner has demonstrated time and time again that it is capable of doing just that. That is the reason that in 2021 it will remain a member of the exclusive circle of most important strategic partners, as it has been for the previous eight years. "We are proud to be back! This award is a recognition of our close partnership with our customers and the trust that involves. It confirms that our approach of putting people at the center of everything we do is absolutely the right one," said Uwe Bergmann. Innovative ideas and concepts from areas such as intelligent ERP (iERP), CRM, data analytics and modern ways of working are just as much a part of COSMO CONSULT's repertoire as its extensive portfolio of industry solutions and special solutions. Seeing what challenges digital transformation brings, the company developed, for example, cutting-edge assistance systems such as its Digital Consultant, interactive chatbots that support and assist users, and intelligent migration strategies for moving to the cloud. "COSMO CONSULT designs sustainable solutions that help companies achieve competitive advantages. By working as a team, we create products and services with our joint customers that meet all the requirements of doing business, while at the same time ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Thanks to its close cooperation with Microsoft, COSMO CONSULT also has in-depth knowledge of Microsoft’s platform, which puts it in a position to develop innovative solutions and services that have a high value for users," says Flombaum.

Digital transformation must be conceived holistically

Having learned from its own experiences with digital transformation, the software and consulting company relies thoroughly on a holistic approach that includes not only technical aspects but also consulting, for example in areas such as change management and business design. "A good partner for digital transformation should be an expert in more fields than just technology," says Uwe Bergmann. "What companies are mainly looking for on their path to digital transformation is security and competent, understanding support along the way. Our being named to the Inner Circle again shows that Microsoft sees it the same way," he added. Progress in digital technologies is changing the way people work, the way they make decisions and the way they see their development. This changes the conception and design of corporate applications. "Modern, digital solutions focus on people and support them in particular in areas such as creativity and collaboration," said Bergmann. Today, it is particularly important to provide intelligent, holistic platforms for digital transformation in order to take the burden of routine tasks off employees and give them more freedom.

Customers also benefit from the Inner Circle

Membership in Microsoft's Inner Circle strengthens COSMO CONSULT’s connection to the top decision-makers at Microsoft. For example, there will be opportunities to exchange ideas on strategies and to network with Microsoft executives and other partners at the Inner Circle Summit in March 2022 and in virtual meetings in July 2021 and June 2022. This also makes it possible to influence the strategic direction and the future development of Microsoft Dynamics solutions so that practical project experience and current customer requirements are given even more consideration. In addition, the software and consulting company has easier access to technical innovations, which means that customers benefit from competitive advantages earlier.

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