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COSMO CONSULT chosen to join Microsoft's AI Inner Circle

Björn Lorenz08/31/2021

In mid-August, Microsoft selected the COSMO CONSULT Group to be a member of the AI Inner Circle. The AI Inner Circle brings together the world's leading Microsoft partners in the field of artificial intelligence. Being part of this group means that the COSMO CONSULT Group, an internationally recognized specialist in digital transformation, is one of the top providers of AI technologies and AI solutions in German-speaking countries. For COSMO CONSULT, this is already the second award of this kind, coming after being named to the Inner Circle of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in July for the ninth consecutive time. This means that the company's customers benefit from having faster access to modern technologies.

From Microsoft's point of view, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the key building blocks of digital transformation. The technology is so important to the US software company that it has a special partner program for just that field. To join the AI Inner Circle, a company needs to have extensive technical expertise, to deploy cutting-edge Microsoft AI technologies in its customer projects and to have an impeccable track record. Industry expertise in the real-world deployment of AI technologies and the skills to use those technologies to advance the digital transformation of companies is equally important.

Only one percent of Microsoft’s partners belong to its AI Inner Circle

Worldwide only 118 companies are in the Microsoft AI Inner Circle, representing about one percent of all AI partners. The COSMO CONSULT Group, which specializes in digital transformation, is now also a member, putting it in the same league as well-known consulting firms such as KPMG, PlanB and The key deciding factor for COSMO CONSULT’s being selected to join was its approach of linking AI technologies with Microsoft's Dynamics ERP systems to create intelligent ERP solutions (iERP). This makes it possible for companies to achieve a significantly higher degree of automation and give their teams support with routine tasks. Artificial intelligence also makes business processes more transparent, because it can be used to analyse even the largest data sets automatically. The lean approach of the COSMO CONSULT Group allows small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular to benefit from this. Another important factor was having implemented a series successful customer projects at companies such as the fashion retailers Frankonia and Breuninger, the packaging specialist Gerresheimer and the logistics giant Dachser.

Top of the class among Microsoft partners

Next to Avanade, a joint venture of Microsoft and Accenture, COSMO CONSULT is currently the only Microsoft partner in the German-speaking region that is simultaneously a member of the Microsoft AI Inner Circle and the Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft's business solutions. It is therefore not surprising that Alfred Grünert, General Manager at COSMO CONSULT, is thrilled: "Belonging to the AI Inner Circle is a recognition that objectively assesses the performance of a provider. It is almost the most prestigious stamp of approval that there is. For us, achieving this level of quality was an absolute must." He added that it also showed that the holistic approach of the COSMO CONSULT Group to bring together diverse digital technologies in end-to-end solutions was exactly the right one.

Customers also benefit

The customers of the COSMO CONSULT Group also benefit from its belonging to the AI Inner Circle. "Via the AI Inner Circle, we have exclusive and fast access to Microsoft resources such as the latest product innovations, best practices and strategic knowledge," Grünert explains. Having a direct line of communication to Microsoft's development team also ensures that new and changing market requirements are taken into account in future product development.

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