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SharePoint — new ways of working together

In modern business life, information is not just a tool, it has now become a means of production that plays a role in determining the competitiveness of a company. However, valuable information is often widely scattered and not readily accessible to all employees, or it may never be shared at all due to a lack of uniform rules. This is where Microsoft SharePoint comes in: The solution provides you with a user-friendly portal where you can collect information from different sources, such as documents, tasks, appointments or emails, in a central location. The web-based technology makes it possible to use content from both your ERP system and from Office or other unstructured contexts, to edit it via a browser on any Internet-enabled terminals, and to share it with others, thus improving communication between teams, within the company and between companies.

Microsoft SharePoint therefore provides new options and methods for improving collaboration within your company.

Information hub

As a hub for documents, information and content from various business sectors, Microsoft SharePoint makes collaboration within your company easier and more effective. Through the platform, you can share your ideas with others and work together on documents - from your PC in the office, on your tablet or using your smartphone. Microsoft SharePoint lets you easily organise your projects and teams and it enables the smooth flow of information between all involved employees. Exchange important information with your team members on a central platform and build a social network with personal workspaces, wikis, blogs, discussion boards and news feeds including the option to integrate established services for company-wide collaborations and communication such as Yammer.

Variety of functions included

As a business platform for effective and cross-team collaboration within your company, Microsoft SharePoint provides a wide range of functionalities and offers you a variety of opportunities in the following areas:

With the features that Microsoft SharePoint offers, you can improve collaboration and information management throughout your company and beyond company boundaries.

Your gateway to professional document management

For an easy introduction to the world of Microsoft SharePoint, COSMO CONSULT has developed the basic package cc|dms. Integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the solution enables the fast and easy implementation of the Microsoft SharePoint technology in your company, by providing practical templates for creating portals for team or project work and basic document management functionalities. If you want further functionalities, you can expand the package at any time with Add-Ons from COSMO CONSULT or standardised partner solutions through to complex document management systems including audit-proof archiving.

Digital workplace: The future of information work

Nowadays, companies generally have a variety of information systems, for example, a company intranet, enterprise content management platforms or social media tools, but in most cases they lack a holistic information management system. A key problem is the isolation: The various systems operate separately and without direct reference to the work context in which they are used. However, to keep up with advances in digital transformation, a modern working environment must not only provide the relevant information for important decisions, but also actively and directly support tasks and workflows. With an overarching information architecture, Microsoft SharePoint provides personal productivity tools, supports your team work, simplifies process automation and enables a collective knowledge on an organisation-wide basis. Through the integration and the interaction of these elements, Microsoft SharePoint is the foundation of your digital workplace and the central access point that optimally supports your employees in the context of their respective tasks.

SharePoint Online — simply from the cloud

SharePoint is now also available from the cloud: With SharePoint Online you can use the various SharePoint capabilities without having to worry about the care and maintenance of a local installation. SharePoint can be subscribed to as a stand-alone online service or as part of Office 365, whereby you also gain automatic access to Exchange, Skype for Business, Office Clients and mobile SharePoint apps.

Exchange of information without boundaries

The central portal feature of Microsoft SharePoint forms the basis of the entire solution and enables efficient and secure collaborations between your employees and teams, as well as between companies with customers and business partners. SharePoint Sites offers you a contemporary web experience and provides you with a portal framework and the standard applications that you need to set up portals for intranets, extranets and the Internet, and to address your target groups.

Improved collaboration

you can use Microsoft SharePoint on all devices
Using Microsoft SharePoint communities on all devices

The flexible Sharepoint platform provides you with an easy and productive way to collaborate within your company — and beyond. It enables your employees to communicate directly with colleagues, customers and partners at any time, and to exchange important information. SharePoint Communities connects people and helps them to access the collective knowledge of the company. This not only helps to avoid friction losses and thus increase the overall productivity, but it also promotes innovation and therefore the sustainability of your company.

Content management via a single platform

A core element of Microsoft SharePoint is the area of content. Here, all tools for creating, testing, releasing or processing various content are bundled. SharePoint Content combines the areas of document management, social computing and enterprise search, thus creating a platform that is accessible to all users for the entire enterprise content management. Thanks to its comprehensive Office integration, SharePoint content is very user-friendly. For you, this means increased user acceptance and a well-managed repository in which information is easy to find, update and re-use.

Reliable information search

SharePoint Search

Using the search mechanisms in SharePoint, a quick and successful search for content, people and data is guaranteed. To further improve the effectiveness of searches, the system provides the ability to tag and filter content as well as to incorporate relevance and search behaviour into search queries. It is also possible to refine results to improve the search results. SharePoint Search provides extensive options for intranet searches, people searches, and a platform for building search-based applications within a single, affordable infrastructure.

Informed business decisions

SharePoint Insights provides you with fundamental Business Intelligence functions that allow you to analyse data from structured and unstructured contexts and applications (e.g. the CRM system) and make it available to your employees. Dashboards and scorecards aggregate different data sources, provide important information at a glance and thus facilitate the analysis of performance indicators. The various presentation and publication options help your managers to make informed business decisions.

Microsoft Power BI dashboard integration in Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Power BI dashboard integration in Microsoft SharePoint

Customised business solutions

Day-to-day business consistently places demands on your employees that they cannot meet using the existing standard tools. SharePoint Composites uses individual, user-defined solutions to allow you to quickly respond to specific requirements, without having to rely on help from the IT department. SharePoint Composites provides you with functional modules that can be easily complied, logically combined and configured. With these user-defined solutions, you are able to act flexibly and quickly and create your personal solutions - from simple websites and data solutions to feature-rich applications that integrate company data, electronic forms, and workflows.

Ask our SharePoint experts

COSMO CONSULT has many years of experience in the field of SharePoint. Our SharePoint projects are based on professional project management, detailed knowledge of the business processes in many industries and excellent product expertise. Our experts will be happy to advise you about the unique possibilities that await you through the use of Microsoft SharePoint. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We look forward to speaking with you about how your company in particular can benefit from Microsoft SharePoint.

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