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COSMO CONSULT scores a process optimization hit with PAFnow

Björn Lorenz05/20/2021

Digital transformation helps companies to become more competitive, and process optimization is one of the reasons why. The process mining tool PAFnow has groundbreaking functionality and runs on Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft 365. That makes it suitable for projects in small and medium-sized companies, too. This was a good reason for the COSMO CONSULT Group, the software and consulting company specializing in digital transformation, to sign a cooperation agreement with Process Analytics Factory (PAF) GmbH to distribute PAFnow and use the analysis tool in its own digital transformation and consulting projects.

Digital transformation is also about improving and automating processes through the use of modern technologies. Artificial intelligence algorithms can help analyze large amounts of data or make rule-based decisions, for example. However, it does not make much sense to put highly efficient technologies to use on processes with workflows and structures that have not been optimized. With the methods and tools of process mining, existing processes and business procedures can be easily reconstructed and analyzed. This means throughput times can be reduced and resource-intensive process steps can be organized more efficiently. Companies can also compare processes at different locations and evaluate them. IT experts and process designers therefore consider the technology to be a precursor of digital transformation and current trends such as robotic process automation (RPA).

SMEs can now use this cutting-edge technology

The methodology is not new, but until now the tools have mostly been geared towards the requirements of larger companies and towards the financial resources they have available, as well. The Darmstadt-based software company Process Analytics Factory (PAF) GmbH is one of the first developers to make this groundbreaking technology available to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the form of its PAFnow solution. A crucial point here is its seamless integration with widely used platforms such as Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.

More efficient process optimization

This was a good reason for the COSMO CONSULT Group, which specializes in digital transformation, and PAF GmbH to sign a cooperation agreement recently. "PAFnow is ideal for visualizing projects and existing processes. It makes it easier to identify complex processes, bottlenecks and redundancies and eliminate them in a targeted fashion. The decisive factor for us was that we can work directly in Microsoft Power BI. Because the cost-benefit ratio is also good, we think the cooperation has great potential," says Thomas Fuchs, General Manager of COSMO CONSULT Data & Analytics GmbH in Vienna. Tobias Rother, founder and CEO of PAF had this to add: "Especially with regard to the Microsoft Dynamics product family, COSMO CONSULT has a lot of expertise and is therefore a perfect complement to PAFnow. Together we are pursuing an integrative approach to solutions across the entire Microsoft technology stack. In the future, our customers will be able to analyze their business processes and have comprehensive control over them directly in their Microsoft environment." PAFnow is now part of COSMO CONSULT's product portfolio, making it easier for companies to optimize their processes with a professional tool. This makes sense in manufacturing companies where work processes run very frequently on a daily basis and even small optimizations can have a major impact, for example.

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