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Extended management team

by Björn Lorenz

COSMO CONSULT’s recent strong growth has brought more employees and a broader product portfolio to the group. The company, which specializes in digital transformation, is now also expanding its management team to deal with the constantly increasing number of tasks that its leadership has to tackle. Since October, Daniel Schmid has been on the team as Chief Portfolio Officer (CPO) and Tobias Fenster as Chief Technical Officer (CTO). In addition to this, Peter Dibbern, previously responsible Marketing and Business Development in the group, was appointed Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

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Acquisition XAPT Solutions

by Gero Brinkbäumer

When two market-leading technology companies join forces, it is their customers who benefit most: Through the acquisition of XAPT Solutions - the largest Microsoft ERP- and CRM-provider in Hungary and Romania - COSMO CONSULT, the internationally leading Microsoft Dynamics partner, is expanding its presence in Eastern Europe and bringing together the digital transformation expertise of two market leaders in the COSMO CONSULT group.

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Invest in Digitazation

by Björn Lorenz

When talking about investing in the future, it is simple to point a finger at politicians, but that is also too simplistic. After all, the mechanical and plant engineering industry has a considerable investment backlog itself, and that could impede the future growth of the sector. The current period of economic cooling is the right time to push ahead with digital transformation. In particular, external consultants can help to lay the foundations, initiate projects and organize the transfer of knowledge - provided they have a broad foundation to work from.

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The future is going digital. Nothing can change that. The basis for the successful implementation of innovative IT plans is certainly the digital transformation. What does an IT service provider have to do now to optimally support their customers in their development and achieve their greatest possible success? What must ERP providers and other software manufacturers, IT service providers, and consulting companies prepare for? Read the answer here

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Artificial intelligence is one of the most common buzzwords of our time, and many are raving about its potential and the possibilities it brings. However, often people still do really know how to integrate it into the daily work at their companies. Roland Abele, managing director of Max-Con Data Science GmbH, a Cosmo Consult Group company, has this explanation.

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Digitalization begins in the mind - Interview with Uwe Bergmann, CEO COSMO CONSULT Group

by manage-it

Wherever the IT journey will take us in 2019, everyone imagines things a little differently, whether CEO, CTO, CDO or one of the many other acronyms - not to mention the people who have to cope with change in their daily work. But there are people who, thanks to their years of IT experience and expertise, have an almost visionary view of the future. Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group, is one of them. In this interview, you can find out which view it is.

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