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COSMO CONSULT launches business design consulting division

Björn Lorenz04/29/2021

The COSMO CONSULT Group, specialist in digital transformation, is expanding its management consulting expertise: The business design division was launched at the beginning of April. It brings together all consulting services for employees and company organisation in digital transformation projects. The new business unit is a central component of the holistic approach that the software and consulting company takes in its digital transformation projects. This approach considers people, organisation and digital technologies to be equally important.

As the number of digital transformation projects has grown, so has the understanding of which factors are crucial to projects’ success and what causes some projects to fail. The technology is not often the problem. Much more often the problem is that

  • organisation and strategy are out of step
  • there is the desire to achieve too much too fast or
  • the necessary expertise is simply lacking.

"The pandemic has shown that digital companies are more resilient and better able to cope with new challenges. This insight increases the pressure to invest. However, many companies have not undertaken adequate preparation for fundamental change. They need organisational and cultural change in parallel to the change in digital technologies in order to benefit from the opportunities of transformation," explained Nico Schulze, Innovation Coach at COSMO CONSULT.

For people and organisations

It is precisely this need that the COSMO CONSULT Group is addressing with its new business design division. "Today, COSMO CONSULT is seen primarily as a technology specialist. In fact, we have moved far beyond that and have been pursuing a holistic strategy for a long time now. This is particularly helpful to us with digital transformation projects, because these projects always have two aspects: Technology on the one hand, and company development on the other. The new business unit highlights the importance of organisational change to digital transformation. It raises our profile as a holistic provider and increases awareness of the problem in companies," said Andreas Eichhorn, Agile Change Manager & Business Coach at COSMO CONSULT. Andreas Eichhorn and Nico Schulze will lead the business design division together as managing partners.

Within the COSMO CONSULT Group, the new unit will be responsible for those parts of digital transformation projects that deal with people, organisation and corporate culture. Central topics are change management, strategy development and the development of digital expertise. The business designer division staff do their work autonomously. In the future they will also acquire transformation projects independently.

Setting a course for growth

The team will grow to have at least twelve consultants within two years at the latest. "Business design is the next logical step in expanding our holistic approach. This enables us to offer clients all consulting services needed for digital transformation from a single source. We are also launching an attractive, customer-oriented alternative to conventional consulting concepts," explained Gerrit Schiller, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group. Berlin is the headquarters of the new consulting division, a part of COSMO CONSULT International GmbH.


Andreas Eichhorn brings more than 15 years of experience as a consultant, project manager and manger in international IT companies. Over the course of his career, he has worked successfully with many people from different cultures. Today, he provides support for targeted development of people and organisations so that they can meet the challenges of the digital age. As a trained “Business & Transformational Coach (ICF)”, “Leadership Trainer” & “Change Manager”, Andreas Eichhorn provides the impetus for processes of change and provides supports for them from beginning to end while assisting individuals and teams with their development.

Nico Schulze is a trained “Business Psychologist and Business Coach (ICF)”. He believes that digital transformation can only be accomplished successfully if companies also reinvent themselves in terms of organisation. Since completing his MBA in the start-up metropolis of London, he has been working in the fields of both psychological approaches and also of innovative methods, thus helping our clients get ready for the future.

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