Gerrit Schiller | Chief Operating Officer

Gerrit Schiller is a co-founder and Director of COSMO CONSULT AG (Holding). He is responsible for operations across the entire COSMO CONSULT Group, as well as the areas of products and internal IT.

While studying for a degree in business information technology at the Dresden University of Technology, he came in contact with NAVISION business software (later Microsoft Dynamics NAV) and implemented projects at medium-sized companies. Following his degree, Gerrit Schiller founded COSMO CONSULT GmbH in Dresden in 2000, building the business up to become the regional market leader for Microsoft Dynamics. More in history

Gerrit Schiller believes in a personal and open corporate culture. His motto is that having fun and enjoying what you do—whether in your career or in your spare time—are essential for long-term success and happiness.

As a family man, he prefers to spend his free time with his wife and children. He loves travelling to different regions so that he can experience countries, culture and nature. As a passionate sportsperson, he regularly completes ambitious runs, engages in EMS training and loves winter sports.