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Users and developers are working together on the future of COSMO CONSULT industry solutions

Gero Brinkbäumer05/23/2017

Business solutions are not created on the drawing board – they are the results of real requirements from real business activities. This applies particularly to industry-specific solutions that must prove that they work every day in close connection to core business processes. In order to ensure the further development of its industry solutions both for discrete and process manufacturing and for trade and service is geared as directly as possible to the requirements of markets and customers, Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics provider, COSMO CONSULT, has established its “innovation days”, regular user workshops to promote direct exchange between existing customers, product architects and industry experts.

Today more than ever, the innovation process of enterprise software is characterized by the truly breathtaking pace of change in the field of digital technologies. The cloud, mobile usage scenarios, networking machinery and goods on the internet of things, artificial intelligence - the possibilities seem limitless and at the same time within reach. One key factor in this cannot be neglected however: Enterprise solutions have to prove their worth in the here and now. Reliability and functionality are indispensable when it comes to systems that control critical processes and are thus essential to the value of the entire company.

In order to ensure that the high quality and real-world performance of the Microsoft-Certified COSMO CONSULT industry solutions are maintained and in order to derive new ideas and meaningful improvements for product development directly from real-life experience, COSMO CONSULT consultants and product experts meet regularly with their customers. At what we call “customer innovation days”, users and product managers discuss how to improve or expand existing features and to best implement new requirements. Participants have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other users, to share their individual experiences and to benefit from the solutions of others.

"Our customers are the true experts on our business solutions. After all, the systems must prove themselves to the customers day after day in all imaginable situations," explains Carsten Berndt, managing director of COSMO CONSULT Münster and initiator of the most recent innovation day. At the event, COSMO CONSULT’s existing customers from the entire region met at the plastics processors egeplast international in Greven. Egeplast has been used Microsoft products for many years and has recently carried out a comprehensive ERP update. It has Europe's most modern extrusion factory and operations are controlled using Microsoft Dynamics and industry and additional solutions from COSMO CONSULT.

"The direct exchange of ideas with our customers is the foundation on which everything we do is built," adds Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT group. "All of the business and industry solutions and all of the services that we offer are the result of close cooperation with users. And also the question of what direction the development of our products and services will take is ultimately answered by our customers, because we are only successful if our customers are successful."

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