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Software with Microsoft’s seal of approval: COSMO CONSULT solutions have been 'Certified for Microsoft Dynamics' again

Gero Brinkbäumer04/04/2017

The key industry and add-on solutions of Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics partner COSMO CONSULT have again received the seal of approval "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” (CfMD) granted exclusively by Microsoft after passing an extensive testing program. The certificate is the most important award, which Microsoft awards to ERP partners in the context of its business solutions. It also represents official confirmation by Microsoft of full compatibility with the Dynamics product portfolio, suitability for use in operational practice and industry-specific functionality.

Enterprise solutions have become an essential part of value creation. It is therefore all the more important that users can rely on having future-proof solutions that work together smoothly with the deployed infrastructure and are always up to date with the latest technology. To ensure this for its ERP ecosystem, Microsoft launched the CfMD certification program. In the course of this program the partners’ solutions must successfully complete a variety of tests performed according to strict international standards by the independent certification service VeriTest.

During the CfMD testing, VeriTest goes into detail: All aspects are considered that are relevant for the smooth integration of solutions and their ergonomics, ranging from Microsoft compliant programming, to correct interface design, to user friendly documentation and help functions. The practical aspect of working with the software is as important as the assessment of the technical quality. For this reason VeriTest looks at satisfaction in daily use by conducting extensive user surveys. Only solutions that have been assessed positively by at least ten reference customers receive the CfMD logo.

Four of the COSMO CONSULT solutions most widely deployed around the world have now again been officially certified for Microsoft Dynamics: the proven industry solutions for discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, project-oriented service providers and companies in the e-commerce sector. In addition to the key industry solutions, the add-on solutions for intercompany exchange, for the management of hazardous substances and for document management have also received the CfMD seal of approval. Together with the previously certified solutions, COSMO CONSULT therefore has a broad application portfolio of integrated, Microsoft Certified industry and special solutions, which cover all essential business processes.

"When selecting business critical applications you should not compromise", explains Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT AG. "Microsoft customers who opt for a CfMD solution can be sure to have chosen software that is up to date with the current state of technology, seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft platform and has also proved itself in practical operations. And, last but not least, the CfMD seal of approval also provides the certainty that they have chosen a future-proof solution that is guaranteed to be developed further in accordance with the high standards of Microsoft users."

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