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ERP, Digitization

Does your company need a new IT infrastructure?

by Peter Dibbern

Is it time for a new ERP system? These are the signs that your current system is holding back your company's capabilities.

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ERP, Digitization

The Wrong Recruitment Strategy

by Dr. Daniel Gburek

Would you have hired Albert Einstein? Modern enterprises are faced with rapid technological progress, rising customer expectations and growing pressure to innovate. As a result, managers and their teams are forced to continuously adapt to new situations and circumstances. In such a rapidly evolving business environment, a recruitment policy based purely on qualifications no longer does the job. In its place, a competence-based model begins to look like a much more effective strategy for finding truly qualified new employees.

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Co-innovation at COSMO CONSULT: Innovative products for successful customers

by Claudia Claßen

For more than twenty years, the COSMO CONSULT group has been a successful and well-established player in the manufacturing market thanks to its tailor-made industry solutions for contract, process and project-related manufacturing. We bring our own innovative strength together with the ideas and wishes of our customers and make it possible to cover even the most complex processes on the way to digital end-to-end solutions.

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ERP, Digitization

Have you changed the way you think yet?

by Torsten Harnack

Anyone who thinks that digital transformation is a process of change that affects mainly the IT department is wrong: It is the entire organization that changes. Digital transformation is a company-wide transformation.

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High noon at the large-scale plant

by Thomas Müller

Large-scale production sites such as refineries or chemical facilities experience regular shutdowns in order to service machines, replace spare parts and upgrade equipment. This often involves several thousand internal and external service technicians working at the site to implement the scheduled subprojects within a given timeframe.

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ERP, Digitization

Digitization in the Waste Disposal Industry

by Stefan Riedl

Technology plays an important role in waste management today. This is because progressive digitization is helping to substantially optimize waste collection processes and recycling activities. An example of this is the use of the IoT.

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Natural resources have a major disadvantage – their quantity is limited. It is hardly a surprise then that access to resources is extremely important these days – it is a decisive factor in the progress of national economies and companies and in turn, the prosperity of individuals.

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