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Josip Breskic11/26/2020

Storing documents on a central server - is that already a step towards digitalization? Maybe that was the case 30 years ago, but certainly not today. Current technologies can do much more than just manage documents. This opens up new opportunities for companies - for better quality, a higher level of automation and the secure feeling of having things under control.

Saving and retrieving documents - this is what many companies still understand by the term document management. However, that is only half the story. It is, at least, just as important to add keywords so that you can search for the document name and also for logical terms associated with the respective document.

Studies show that employees spend an average of more than two hours a day on digital filing and searching for documents. If you add up the costs for this, it quickly becomes clear how important good search conditions are. Another problem is the increasing dissatisfaction of employees, who spend more and more time on routine tasks.

The required agenda for every document management system

With a professional document management solution you do not only save costs, but at the same time your team can react faster, work more efficiently and therefore have more time for the actual business. However, it is difficult to find the right system because of the wide range of systems on offer. The most important points of market research include

•    a high range of functions
•    a modern platform technology and
•    easy integration into the existing system environment. 

The solution should also be easily adaptable. If these points are fulfilled, you are already quite well-positioned in terms of document management. 


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Document control as a must-have

However, you do not move to the cutting edge of technology until the system is also able to control documents in the company. This is especially important for quality-focused companies that need specification and verification documents to implement their quality standards. Good examples are work instructions or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). It is often difficult to get through this part. Good document control provides a quick overview of the managed templates and files as well as the controlled documents and workflows. So you can easily recognize

•    the version in which a document is currently released 
•    whether all colleagues are working with the released version or
•    which employees have read and understood the document.

The documents are released electronically (electronic signature). Only the latest released version is visible and a confirmation of reading or understanding is always obtained. Modern solutions are flexible in terms of processes and can be configured in all areas. In this way, forms, workflows, views or reports can be easily redesigned and extended. If the processes are "live", even running workflows can be adapted and extended without interruptions. 


Modern document management with professional document control is a great added value for many companies. The implementation effort is manageable and the integration into the existing system environment can be implemented at any time. In practice, document control is an important part of every quality management system and makes work noticeably easier for all employees.

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