Why Professional Quality Management is so Important

Josip Breskic10/23/2020

Modern technologies and business software play an increasingly important role when it comes to quality. Companies investing in this area could gain significant competitive advantages. 

Managing your own company in terms of a quality management (QM) system is one of the most important advancements of the last decades. After all, it is reassuring for consumers and patients to know that the products and services they use have been proven to be of excellent quality.

Companies that implement this kind of quality management and embed it in their processes receive corresponding certification. One of the best-known certificates is ISO 9001:2015.

Individual countries have their own ways of determining whether companies comply with the infrastructure set out. This is undertaken by DEKRA, TÜV certification providers or other such accredited companies and persons in Germany. In the USA, it is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Companies have to meet consistently increasing requirements to maintain their certification level. It is often necessary to tread new paths to achieve this while at the same time not losing sight of core business objectives.


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Not All Companies Use QM Systems

It is a matter of course for most companies to breathe life into quality management. However, there is increasing friction between the demands of the QM department and employees who actually put them into practice. The reason for this is extra work caused by the need to document and explain, as well as confusion caused by the lack of transparency in QM processes.

The use of software solutions is obvious; after all, they have been around for years! But why are they not more widespread? Why is there still so much reliance on paper? Is it really only larger corporations that can afford a digital quality management system?

The Benefits of a Professional QM System

Modern technologies and software solutions are already available to every company – and their benefits are obvious. For example, all employees have a constant overview of the contribution they make in their role to the company’s own quality management. So you can see at any time why a contribution has to be made at a certain point and for whom. For example

•    incidents are registered in seconds and automatically forwarded to experts 
•    corrective and preventive activities are quickly initiated
•    specification and verification documents are securely channeled through the processes
•    electronic signatures are used for automatic approval processes or
•    other systems are integrated in the process.

And all that any time, any place. There are therefore solid reasons to set the course for professional quality management now.

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