Demand-oriented services - Right from the start

For us, service means to provide you with needs-oriented and future-oriented consultation right from the beginning - not only in the process of choosing the right solution, but also in the launching and further development of your solution. We will always have your individual needs and success in mind, because our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with you. Therefore, our service philosophy also includes continuous support after the project has been completed.

Coaching - We turn you into a data science expert

Data science and mathematical optimization techniques help in making the right decisions in complex situations in a timely manner. Yet, the rules and hypotheses on which they are based must not be set in stone. Moreover, the framework conditions and the available data may change at any time. We want you to understand and master your data science solution from start to finish. This is the only way you can react quickly to market changes, new business strategies or customized priorities.

Training is therefore an integral part of our solution concepts. We provide your employees with detailed instructions on how to operate the solutions and equip them with useful tips for maintenance and development. With this know-how service, your company can use data science independently in the long run. In addition, you can always rely on the support of our specialized data science team after the implementation of your solution.

Consulting - 360 ° view of your company

Data science helps in securing management decisions, assessing market developments more accurately and improving certain ways of working and acting. The necessary knowledge is gained from available, or to be acquired, data. This requires intelligent algorithms, for which there is no single formula. Each algorithm is developed or customized individually, focusing on the specific operational requirements, the specific issues and the underlying conditions that the company has to deal with.

Therefore, consultation plays a central role in the success of data science projects. We at COSMO CONSULT focus on your company. We first analyze your business, your markets, your processes, your data and your customers – and develop a coherent, individual overall concept. As an end-to-end solution provider, we have the technical expertise to implement our ideas with the technologies that best fit your needs and your business.

Use case workshop - Defining the operational scenario

Data science starts in the mind, because the foundations for any successful project are laid during the conceptualization step. During our use case workshops, we determine the areas that need our support in your company and the issues that our mathematical optimization procedures can address to simplify your daily decisions, improve your ways of acting or secure forecasts.

Therefore, we evaluate ideas, approaches and scenarios. The so-called “quick wins” are particularly interesting, which refer to manageable projects that can be implemented relatively easily and have a considerable value. Not only will they pay off quickly, but they will also have what it takes to get your team inspired and involved.

Our use case workshops follow clear structures:

  • Brainstorming and goal definition
  • Selection of suitable scenarios and case studies
  • Conception and project planning
  • Analysis of the required and available databases
  • Providing suggested solutions with concrete recommendations for action

Thus, we jointly develop the use cases that reflect your individual needs and implement them using the professional knowledge and years of experience of our data science experts.

Proof of concept - For a safe decision-making

As with any data-driven project, companies investing in data science need one thing above all else: The certainty that an optimization process is feasible and practical. That's why we carefully screen each project for feasibility. The important factors used to determine the feasibility of a project are

  • the operational requirements and goals,
  • the required and available data,
  • the budget restrictions, and
  • the methods and technologies that are necessary to implement the selected optimization process and integrate it into the existing system environment.

The answers are summarized in a comprehensive report that provides all the important information needed to make informed decisions.

Solution engineering - tailored to your business needs

There are no off-the-shelf data science solutions or optimization procedures that can work “out-of-the-box” and function equally well in any environment. Our data science solutions always reflect the individual needs of your business. This implies that the operational characteristics and the market conditions that you deal with on a daily basis are fully incorporated into the models.

Solution engineering takes into account these special processes, underlying conditions and priorities. It is the individual requirements of your company that ultimately decide which process technologies – such as data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence or operations research – should be used and tailored to your individual situation. Only through this way can the optimization potential be fully exploited.

Ask our experts

COSMO CONSULT has many years of experience in providing digital solutions in the field of data science. Our services are based on a clear approach, detailed knowledge of business processes, and excellent product expertise. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the unique possibilities available to you when you use modern software technologies. Please give us a call! We look forward to talking with you on how your business can enter the digital age.

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