Using the latest technology to make good decisions

For the development of customer-specific Data Science solutions, we rely on tried-and-tested proprietary developments as well as standardized machine learning and artificial intelligence models from our technology partners Microsoft and IBM.

With the individual customization of our solutions, we create a measurable added value that has a positive effect on the success of our customers immediately after implementation. By interlinking different mathematical models and combining them with standard tools, economically viable solutions are created for industrial, commercial and service companies.

We can also provide our customers with the developed models in source code (white box) upon request. This is an important step that makes our solutions prevail faster than the efficient drivers of new ideas. At the same time we strive to maintain the long-term, successful cooperation with our customers.

Together with our technology partners, we ensure that the basic elements we use are up to date with state-of-the-art updates and service contracts.

We develop our solutions exclusively with tools which our customers - after intensive training and consultation - can adjust by implementing changes and extensions.

These include in particular the following tools:

Programming languages for your system

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Its user-friendliness and high range of functions are impressive, especially in the field of data science.

Python is one of the most widely used scripting languages today. As a “general purpose language”, Python has no special area of application. Instead, it is the universality of the language that simplifies its interaction with other applications. Thanks to the its intuitive syntax, open source availability and platform independence, there is a large community and a wide variety of different libraries. Python can offer processing, analysis and visualization options that meet the highest demands especially in the field of data science. With the approved packages, we at COSMO CONSULT are able to create and evaluate complex models based on machine learning, deep learning or artificial intelligence. We also use Python as an interface to connect different parts of the program.

R is a rich, flexible, open source programming language that can be used for data processing, data analysis, and data modeling.

R has now established itself as a standard tool in the data science world, along with Python. Thanks to its free license and open-source character, R has driven this field over the last few years like no

other software. The R community is growing steadily, so new methods are often quickly and readily available. R is extremely flexible and can be used in many applications. The user-friendly editor of R considerably simplifies the daily work .

R can be used in a variety of scenarios: From the data analysis to the final automation and from the initial simple plots to the complete visualization with Shiny R, almost any task can be processed efficiently with R.

The numerous options available for linking to other concepts can significantly increase the performance of the software. We at COSMO CONSULT have been using R successfully for many years. Many of our data science solutions today are based on R. Take advantage of our training to see for yourself the strengths of this programming language and deepen your knowledge.

Technologies for operations research


C # can be used to develop solutions to operational research problems and integrate them into a user interface (GUI).

C # was developed as part of Microsoft's .NET strategy and is today one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It is a “general-purpose programming language” with which any task can be implemented. The object orientation allows the code to be optimally structured so that many errors can be avoided in advance.

The strong influence of C ++ and Java ensures that this programming language is best suited to solve tasks in the field of operations research. C ++ code can also be easily integrated especially for computationally intensive steps. The .NET framework also provides another powerful tool. We at COSMO CONSULT use this framework to develop customized solutions for our customers. Combined with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), they create engaging, high-performance GUIs that can be integrated with our solutions.

C ++ is a widely used programming language. It is used as a “general purpose language” in system and application development.

C ++ enjoys great popularity especially in large-scale and high-performance programming. The programming language can be developed in C at the low level or the extensive STL library in C ++ can be used. This makes C / C ++ a powerful tool to build customized algorithms. Interfaces of common tools used for data mining (R) and optimization (IBM CPLEX) offer ideal conditions for high-performance and powerful solutions.

At COSMO CONSULT we use C / C ++ as the standard programming language, especially for complex and non-linear optimization models. Generic solvers are often not readily applicable or do not meet the performance requirements.

IBM CPLEX is one of the leading generic solvers for linear and mixed-integer linear models.

IBM CPLEX includes a collection of powerful algorithms that can solve linear, mixed-integer or quadratic optimization problems. The algorithms can be flexibly applied to a wide variety of models and adapted to the respective model structure through different parameters. It also provides powerful interfaces and libraries for all major programming languages such as C / C ++, C #, Java and Python. Thus, the algorithms can be integrated smoothly. In addition, intervention at a deeper level directly into the solution process can be carried out to improve the performance. In addition to the solver, the efficient modeling language OPL is provided, with which mathematical models can be flexibly and quickly modeled.

We have already successfully integrated IBM CPLEX in numerous projects, whereby we were able to achieve high quality results in a short period of time by carefully fine-tuning the parameters.

Visualization technologies

Microsoft Power BI or QlikView / QlikSense
Microsoft and Qlik data analytics solutions are powerful and widely used tools for visualizing and analyzing various types of data.

Microsoft Power BI and QlikView / QlikSense are flexible data analytics platforms that can be used to efficiently transform data into practical knowledge. Not only do they provide support for initial analyses with quick insights and information, but they can also be used for validations and detailed evaluations. No matter how diverse the data sources are, they can be combined together regardless of their size, similarity and completeness. The results of the different aggregation levels can be calculated immediately, which makes both applications extremely flexible. In addition, the interfaces of the programming language R provide further advantages when it comes to presenting complex model results.

We at COSMO CONSULT prefer to use the products of Microsoft and Qlik to visualize, prepare and aggregate data. However, we are open to using and integrating other BI tools.

With ShinyR, interactive dashboards can be created which can be accessed from anywhere via the Shiny Server.

ShinyR is an integrated tool of the R programming language that provides users with flexible dashboards. The spectrum ranges from the simple tables and graphics to the complex presentation of forecasting and optimization results and depends on previously defined parameters. Not only is ShinyR a useful validation tool in the development process, but it also provides good solutions for interactive visualization in the field. Unlike other BI tools, if the underlying models were programmed in R, the often more complex interfaces can be eliminated. In addition, graphics can also be regenerated during the execution process.

Since ShinyR is based on HTML, CSS and Java script, everything from the design to the functionality can be developed. A big advantage is the flexibility and availability of the Shiny Server which requires nothing but an access to the internet. The dashboards are thus considered as platform independent. At COSMO CONSULT, we use ShinyR to support the internal validation processes of projects. We also provide our customers with secure access via various interfaces. Our use cases are also illustrated in ShinyR. This makes it possible to communicate complex algorithms in an understandable way.

Ask our experts

COSMO CONSULT has many years of experience in providing digital solutions in the field of data science. Our services are based on a clear approach, detailed knowledge of business processes, and excellent product expertise. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the unique possibilities available to you when you use modern software technologies. Please give us a call! We look forward to talking with you on how your business can enter the digital age.

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