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What’s new in COSMO Environmental Services Version 10.0.23?

David Appel

Always one step ahead in the recycling and waste management industry

COSMO Environmental Services is COSMO CONSULT’s prime solution for waste management, recycling, reverse logistics, and environmental service organizations. Built on the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Microsoft’s leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite, our solution enables all core processes found in this unique industry: from managing agreements, to tracking containers, to monitoring transport and execution. With COSMO Environmental Services, companies and partners gain access to a product built from our industry experience of more than 15 years with projects around the globe. 

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What’s new in release version 10.0.23.?

COSMO CONSULT is proud to present COSMO Environmental Services version 10.0.23. Staying committed to Microsoft’s One Version update strategy, this marks the 8th release of COSMO Environmental Services in 2021.  

Classification of dangerous goods by road 

This release brings improvements for companies transporting dangerous goods or dangerous waste across borders on the road. These transports fall under the Agreement concerning International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road – commonly known as ADR. Making sure to correctly classify goods based on ADR is vital to ensure all required paperwork can be produced to avoid potentially costly fines. To support users in this, COSMO Environmental Services has long included functionality to capture legally required information, including ADR.  

Translation of agreements into multiple languages 

To further aide users working with ADR classifications, version 10.0.23 adds the ability to translate the ADR descriptive texts into multiple languages. Texts are supported in both the sender’s language, as well as one of the internationally agreed languages as required by ADR. This functionality also available for customers already using dangerous goods and waste classification capabilities of COSMO Environmental Services and on all agreements already entered. 

Increased user experience by Container Quick-Move 

Alongside new ADR capabilities, COSMO Environmental Services version 10.0.23 also brings a number of user experience improvements across the solution. With continued focus on streamlining day-to-day workloads, the new version allows users to benefit from the improved mass-data-changes and easier to use functionalities for the most commonly used  features. One such improvement is the new Container Quick-Move capability. While users were always able to move containers using a variety of methods in the system, having the capability to do so with the click of a button greatly reduces the number of steps required.  

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The latest release of 2021 contains improvements for the international transportation of dangerous goods. The translation of ADR descriptive texts into multiple languages is now supported and the movement of a Container is now easier as it can be done with fewer required steps.  

COSMO Environmental Services version 10.0.23 is our last release for 2021 with version 10.0.24 following shortly behind in January 2022. 

We are excited to start the next year as there are some great features ahead of us. 


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