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Lünendonk® List: COSMO CONSULT in TOP 20 of the leading SME IT consultants for the first time

Gero Brinkbäumer09/06/2017

For more than 30 years, the Lünendonk® lists have been one of the most renowned independent market barometers and rankings of service providers in Germany. In the current survey of the most important IT service providers, the COSMO CONSULT Group is the only system vendor specialized in company and industry solutions based on  Microsoft Dynamics to be listed among the top 20 of the leading SME IT consulting and system integration companies.

The range of IT services on offer today is so diverse that it is not always easy for companies to make the right choices. The Lünendonk® list of the leading IT consultants in Germany, which is compiled on the basis of comprehensive market analyzes based on annual provider surveys, has been a proven and reliable guide for many years. The list, which is widely known as an "industry barometer", is therefore not only a guide for the search for the right IT partner, but also an overview of the most important IT topics in the business environment.

In this year's provider ranking, the COSMO CONSULT Group, Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner, has been listed for the first time and is the only end-to-end provider specialized in Microsoft business solutions in the list of key SME IT service providers. To produce the list of providers, over 90 IT service companies were surveyed and classified according to sales figures and forecasts for business development. With a combined turnover of 33 billion euros, the companies included in the study represent three quarters of the total German IT services market.

In addition to IT providers, the Lünendonk® study also analyzes the companies using the services. This results in a combined view of what is on offer in the ERP and IT services market, and, at the same time, of the most important topics for users in the area of information technology. The focus is on digital transformation, according to Lünendonk partner Mario Zillmann: "After years of perceived stagnation, more and more companies have expanded their traditional business models through digital components, or have completely switched to digital." Especially the automation and data exchange technologies known in Germany as “Industry 4.0”, the internet of things, big data, and the cloud are of strategic importance according to the study. According to Zillmann, it is not just user companies that are facing challenges, but also providers. The industry itself has to adapt and, in terms of digital transformation, provide “support in its offerings, and above all, an example in the day to day life of business."

One of COSMO CONSULT’s principles for successful cooperation as a partner to its customers during this period of digital transformation is that it is not only important to have modern IT technologies on offer, but also to use them in its own business processes. "It is not a question of solutions that look good on the drawing board or digital technologies that are ends in themselves. Everything we implement together with our customers has proven itself in practice and is also in daily use in our own company," emphasizes Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group. "And this also applies to the future-oriented application scenarios: Our state-of-the-art “Industry 4.0” platforms, our cloud offerings, and our intelligent knowledge management solutions are all based on reliable Microsoft technologies deployed around the world, and are developed and tested together with well-known industry partners in real application environments."

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