Global Strategy Consulting

The starting point of a successful international IT project is almost always a global business strategy. Have you thought of everything? Any questions left unanswered? Or should our internationally experienced experts have a look at your strategy?

Do you know your biggest success factors?

In this graphic, you'll see a few examples to inspire you when you answer these questions for yourself. We help you find the success factors for your business strategy. Primarily, these factors are relevant because they can be derived from goals that contribute to your project.

A lot of things sound good in theory but look very different in practice.

Perhaps you already have an idea for how to continuously and sustainably achieve improvements and meet new challenges? If you need suggestions or want to know if your ideas work: We are the right sparring partner for global consulting and strategy development.

Culture Dimensions

"Culture eats Strategy for breakfast" (Peter Drucker)

Never underestimate the cultural aspects. Especially within your own company. Your team is the decisive factor for financial success. In order to find the right digitalization strategy for international and intercultural projects, you first have to know how people think and feel.

The idea is not to change the corporate culture "from the top down." It's much more important to inspire people and get them excited about new goals. We help you recognize crucial cultural influences in order to optimally align your individual project strategy to them.

Examples of cultural factors:

  • Certain factors can be actively managed. These include rules, information policies, standards, management, rewards and sanctions, environment and organizational structure.
  • Other factors cannot be influenced but are still important to consider. Some good examples include property and personnel structure, customers, products, the age of the company, geographic location and company size.

Our goal is to efficiently implement your international strategy. A central component of this is change management.

We always put people first. When you understand your employees, activate their individual strengths and help them to get involved – nothing stands in the way of you successfully implementing your global strategy.

Have you thought about your corporate culture?

Talk to us. Our experts on international IT strategy consulting would love to share their knowledge with you.