Global Roles & Responsibility

“The Team is the key of success”

Establishing roles and responsibilities is the key to success, as is good cooperation between roles. Assuming structures, rules, communication and responsibility is the basis for every project, but all the more important for transnational cooperation.

If each team member fulfils his or her role, internalising the realisation that he or she is part of the overall solution and takes responsibility for it, we have the best prerequisite for achieving our common goal.

Rôles et responsabilités dans le cadre d'un projet international

Our customers often have to consider different dimensions when developing roles and responsibilities. On the one hand, there are the various phases and the structure of the solutions. For example, starting with a CORE version, a rollout phase or an additional comprehensive project, as well as the transfer from a project into a support mode.
In addition, different regions must also be taken into account, which not only have local challenges, but also different time zones. Horizontal and vertical industries and processes do have an influence as well.

Together with you, we develop an organizational structure that welds together the necessary experts, internal or external, to form a team. The assumption of responsibility is just as important as the necessary communication within the global team for our success together.