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Discrete Manufacturing

These days, customers are more demanding than ever. When they purchase a product, not only do they want to be able to choose from different variants, they also want to be able to have these product variants customized to suit their individual needs. Ideally, they want all that at the price of mass-produced goods. Is there a way to produce such a product cost-effectively? And what does it look like in practice? We set out to answer these and other questions using the variant configurator.

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What does your process look like from construction to production? Do you work with two different BOMs? And are they consistent with one another? ERP software should be capable of generating multiple types of BOMs, as well as deriving new BOMs from existing ones.

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How well and how efficiently a business works depends largely on the quality of the available data. In discrete manufacturing, the biggest factor is clean CAD data. Only when this data is available can your production operations run smoothly.

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All Excel or what?

by Michael Hering

Interdepartmental, integrated costing (“simultaneous costing”) has always been an issue in machinery and plant construction. At the VDMA (German federation of the engineering industries,) task forces in which companies exchange ideas on costing have become a permanent feature. How has this issue been around for so long, and why does it keep coming back on the agenda?

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Nowadays, a product’s entire value creation chain can be described and represented digitally. From production to intelligent monitoring during installation and down the line to predictive maintenance. Long gone are the days when such end-to-end scenarios sounded like science fiction. Here at COSMO CONSULT, we can help you get there, too, and bring your product lifecycle management to the next level!

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What happens to an old smartphone after you get rid of it? Join our friend “Susi” the cell phone on her journey after life as a talented organizer, assistant and source of unlimited knowledge. Click here to find out where Susi’s final trip takes her!

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Cost transparency is the biggest factor in simultaneous costing. If you ask business owners in the machinery and plant construction industry, they’ll tell you that a lack of transparency is often the reason why no definitive information is available on profit margins. Without cost transparency, deviations go unnoticed until it’s too late to react.

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Do you use CAD and ERP systems in order to work more efficiently? Great. But unless the two systems are able to communicate, you're not utilizing this combination to its full potential. Find out how you can give your business a leg up by integrating CAD and ERP systems.

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Industry 4.0 & IoT, Digitization

Automated services for better product quality

by Michael Rißmann

At a time when products are becoming more and more similar, service quality and extra services are the surest way to offer unique selling points. Digital technologies and mobile solutions help make service processes more efficient, offer customers a real added value and let you really stand out from your competition.

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CAD and ERP systems are extremely useful for automating processes and helping us handle data more efficiently. But if they can’t communicate with each other, a whole lot of potential goes down the drain. The result: Data must be copied manually from one system to another. This not only takes time, it also results in a ton of errors. So, it’s worth taking a closer look at the subject.

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