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Automated services for better product quality

Michael Rißmann09/24/2019

How to score in service with digital solutions

At a time when products are becoming more and more similar, service quality and extra services are the surest way to offer unique selling points. Digital technologies and mobile solutions help make service processes more efficient, offer customers a real added value and let you really stand out from your competition.

Not many investment decisions are made based on the cost alone. On the contrary – most businesses prioritize security. They want to be sure that

  • their operational processes will run smoothly
  • downtimes during service calls will be kept to a minimum
  • customer service will be maintained long-term, and
  • technicians are available on short notice in case of emergency.

Digital technologies can greatly improve service quality, by helping you make better use of idle time and avoid downtimes. As a result, digital technologies make for greater customer satisfaction and stronger customer loyalty, ultimately contributing to your companies financial success. Providing effective customer service usually takes multiple business units. In addition to the Customer Service Department, Materials Management, Order Processing or Sales might also be involved. Efficient service processes require that everyone be working with streamlined solutions that are seamlessly interlinked with one another. Modern Microsoft technologies cover every stage of the service process, providing lean, mobile and fully integrated solutions that are closely interconnected with the CRM and ERP systems. To understand how such a cross-system service process works, we’ll need to look at a multi-stage example:

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Using predictive maintenance to identify risks

In predictive maintenance, sensors continuously log indicators used to infer information on wear and failure risks. A technician or intelligent algorithms then decide, based on predefined rules, whether or not a service call is necessary.

Optimal service planning

If a field call needs to be arranged, the service ticket generates a service order in the CRM software through the workflow. For optimal service call planning, however, additional information is required. Special planning dashboards help to optimally combine the individual factors.

Missing parts are ordered automatically

If any parts or materials are missing from the service technician’s trolley, a material requisition is initiated automatically and transmitted to the ERP system. The company software then immediately arranges for a subsequent delivery to the address of the technician or directly to the customer.

Mobile apps for greater efficiency

Once the service employee completes the planning work, it will appear on his/her tablet, complete with all the required information. He/she can then log feedback and post hours worked or materials consumed. Service calls can be documented with photos and confirmed by a customer signature. The information input is immediately available.

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Investments with short payback times

Modern, flexible technologies allow you to seamlessly digitalize service processes in all stages. So in every part of the process chain, you’re able to implement the best solution for each task. The result is an optimal overall system that makes customer service even more efficient. Service quality goes up, service costs go down, and the business is able to negotiate faster response times and more customer-friendly policies on downtimes. Investments in this type of service campaign are quick to pay off in the form of increased customer loyalty and a better market standing.

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