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How to Turn Your Employees into Microsoft Team Professionals

Bernhard Rastorfer09/16/2020

You can install Microsoft Teams quickly and get it unlocked even faster. It is not just about the technology though. Employees and administrators must also be fit to use and manage the new apps.

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Microsoft Team Training for Administrators

Let’s start with IT: cloud systems like Microsoft Teams present administrators with completely new challenges. After all, there is no direct access, since these systems are centrally managed—in this case by Microsoft. Nevertheless, users are entitled to the same service levels as for solutions running in their own data center. This concerns the following three points in particular:

Service Availability. If access fails—is Microsoft, the Internet connection, or the network to blame?

Backup and Restore: If files get deleted, how can I get them back? How long can I keep accessing data before it finally disappears?

Internal Usage Guidelines: Which functions are enabled? Can external users be invited?

The COSMO CONSULT group has introduced a special training program to ensure that IT administrators master these topics and continue to support their colleagues with their usual level of service:

This ensures that IT employees are truly up to speed and pass on their knowledge in the best possible way. A sound communication and training strategy is essential to ensure acceptance in modern workplaces.

Sharing Knowledge in Different Formats

In a digitalized world, it makes no sense to put users in the slow lane with classroom training for days on end. Digital formats help the IT department to efficiently disseminate new knowledge within the company:

Training Teams: Set up an organization team in Microsoft Teams. First, invite all employees involved in this team and publish training courses, workshops or individual tips and tricks. Give employees the opportunity to ask questions publicly—the whole team will benefit from the answers.

Micro-Training: Use Microsoft Teams for micro-training. Employees can view the web session directly from their workplace while familiarizing themselves with Microsoft Teams. The training sessions should have a specific topic—such as group chats—and should last no more than 20 minutes. Be sure to make allowance for questions. The sessions can be recorded and used in the next point.

Video Tutorials: Short videos help to find quick solutions. Concise, targeted information is particularly interesting. Think no further than all those self-help videos on YouTube. 
In addition to training courses, best practices also help employees familiarize themselves with new technologies and processes. COSMO CONSULT is currently working on matrices with which users can quickly find out which function and which tool is best suited for a specific task. 


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Another option to pass on best practices is through what are known as Teams champions. Champions are people who are known for their proficiency with Microsoft Teams. This can be anyone—from trainees right up to the Board of Directors. They should be given the opportunity to pass on their knowledge in dealing with Microsoft Teams—for example, in training courses, at all-hands meetings or at a company event. This is then perceived as less organized from top-down and is more readily accepted.


Microsoft Teams is an easy-to-learn tool that is incredibly practical for virtual teams. Small web sessions and best practices are the best way to empower employees and administrators to use the tool efficiently, professionally and securely.

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