10 suggestions for successful digital transformation: #4 Work together with start-ups

Michael Hering07/09/2018
10 suggestions for successful digital transformation # 4 Work together with start-ups
10 suggestions for successful digital transformation # 4 Work together with start-ups

The way start-ups work today cannot be compared to how companies were founded 20 or even 30 years ago. As a rule, they specialize in specific tasks. Good examples are the providers of platform technologies or the developers of special apps. Today, the stock market value of established platforms exceeds even that of traditional companies.

Also in the ERP field, the question is whether to develop new functions yourself or to integrate an app from a specialized provider. At COSMO CONSULT, we are increasingly choosing to go for apps from specialists. The reason: Many customers do not want monolithic solutions that cover all conceivable functionality. They make decisions according to the "best of breed" principle, choosing the best application for implementing new requirements. In addition, modern technologies such as the Microsoft Application Platform make it easier to develop new apps using the Common Data Model and to integrate them into the existing system landscape.

In many cases, however, the app is not the actual additional value, but the associated service. Here start-ups are particularly strong: Whether it's a solution for travel expenses or a currency hedging app, start-ups can also help you bring competitive services on board. 

At COSMO CONSULT, we are making use of the know-how and creativity of start-ups. That lets us offer our customers a wide range of innovative Industry 4.0, IoT and end-to-end solutions - often completely regardless of which ERP system is in use. Give us a call or write to us, and together we will find the optimal path for your company.

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