10 suggestions for successful digital transformation: #2 Get many minds involved - innovative digital swarm intelligence

Roland Tuschinski06/27/2018

Even if company bosses make digital transformation a top priority, they can not tackle the challenge single-handed. That's why it's important to assemble the most talented employees into a powerful digital team.

Digital transformation is an issue that affects the company as a whole. It changes a company’s corporate culture, its work processes and the operational exchange of information. The digital team should therefore include employees from all areas of the company - not just the usual suspects who have managerial responsibility, especially independent thinkers, digital natives and apprentices or interns with new perspectives and unorthodox ideas.

Give your team the free space they need, above all give them time, and not exclusively overtime on top of their regular work load. They will also need resources to try out new things. Rigid schedules and project plans are not helpful, because the team develops ideas using an agile process. Learning from mistakes and dead ends is expressly allowed. Ensuring that these rules are followed is the job of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Innovative, creative solutions and new ideas can only come about in such an atmosphere.

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