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Jennifer Medwenitsch & Pia Gegenhuber

A superpower for the print and packaging industry - more power through ERP

Join Print and Pack, the superheroes of the print and packaging industry, on their journey towards digitalisation. Their third adventure tackles unnecessarily high set-up-times and -costs. Learn how a uniformly accessible data structure can help you achieve better productivity. Be inspired by the possibilities of COSMO Print and Packaging.

Why data maintenance is essential

The availability of structured data plays a recurring, essential role in the adventures of our superheroes. Join them as the adventure begins by taking a closer look at master data that is not maintained which often results in time-consuming preparatory steps that cost time and money. How can a better overview of production information be achieved, and a global structure introduced? To ensure more targeted machine planning, Print and Pack get to work using their digitisation power.


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Providing customized services based on customer demands

As a packaging industry professional, you know your customers' requirements. The core competencies of the industry lie in delivering individualised, customer-specific orders in large quantities at a reasonable price and on time. Rarely is one order the same as another. Finding synergies such as size, materials, colour or similar for production information is often difficult. A lot of time is lost between individual productions. Among other things, parts lists, work schedules and renewed set-up must be constantly redefined and adapted. You can counteract these time wasters by bringing the necessary superpower into your company with Print and Pack.

Unstructured data as a time-consuming task

After a thorough analysis from our superheroes, it immediately becomes apparent that most of the time during pre-press is spent on coordination processes. Production preparations take so long due to the lack of networking and poor traceability of previous productions. Data inventories are scattered throughout the organisation and inadequately maintained. It is also not uncommon for transmission errors of set-up information or duplicates to occur between company locations.

If data is good, everything is fine! A (data) basis on which to build!

Since efficiency and productivity in your processes are important to you, you decide to implement a centrally accessible data structure because you now know that a fully integrated system can only work if the data basis is right. In this way, you design an essential success factor for fully comprehensive searches in your ERP system. In the future, you will be able to access existing, well-structured data quickly and easily. Based on this, you can now accurately create new orders and products. Due to the time savings and the minimisation of the risk of transmission errors, you can even reduce costs. This results in more stable pricing and adjusted delivery times which ensure optimised business processes and increased end customer satisfaction.

Act globally through centrally accessible information

With "Product Cockpit" from COSMO Printing and Packaging, Print and Pack implement a module for you that documents all product data and properties. This will provide you with well-structured data for production and will enable you to handle the carefully organised creation and release of a customer order in the future. It will also be accessible from all company locations and will make past production information available across organisations. Can you see the advantages this will bring your company? It means that identical products can be produced at different locations to optimise your capacity utilisation, but also allows you to produce and offer identical packaging globally.

Do you want to take advantage of this opportunity and increase your productivity? Contact our specialists and learn more about our industry solution COSMO Printing and Packaging. They will be happy to discuss with you the various possibilities that suit you.

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