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Jennifer Medwenitsch & Pia Gegenhuber

Superpower for the printing and packaging industry - more power through our ERP solution

On the road to a digitised future, our superheroes Print and Pack are always on the lookout for suitable solutions to help companies in the print and packaging industry optimise their processes. Join Print and Pack on their second adventure and learn how you can succeed in improving your workflow management. 

The recurrent data chaos and calculations by instinct

Complex manufacturing processes and large-scale production quantities - our superheroes Print and Pack are very familiar with this background. The majority of customers’ orders are tied to long terms, while production takes place at various locations.  In addition, companies may struggle with time-consuming cost estimations due to a lack of standardized calculations and production costs can exceed the previously agreed offers, which leads to dissatisfied clients. How can regulated procedures be implemented to speed up this approval process and avoid economic losses in the future?


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Everyday communication difficulties

In their first case, our superheroes ensured that the data needed for quotation costing is easily, quickly and, above all, uniformly accessible. Their next adventure goes one step further. For a transparent and fluent cooperation, an interface is needed in which all information is collected in order to use it for additional work steps. Where do you start if the information, generated in the value creation process, is not made available across departments? How do you ensure that external partners are also included in the entire production process? Our superheroes Print and Pack are very familiar with the workflow of the printing and packaging industry and know what approach to take.  

With more stakeholders comes more chaos - More transparency for your cooperation

Achieving a common goal requires full cooperation. This is also the case in the product creation process. If you are finding that when more people are involved, there are more hurdles lurking on the way to the finished product delivery, then you have probably found yourself in the following situation. It's just one of those days when everything comes crashing down. Although the incoming material warehouse is empty because the next delivery is delayed due to an overlooked deadline, the outgoing goods warehouse is confronted with too little space. The next delivery cannot take place because the release from the customer for the second partial production has been missing for a long time. These difficulties of production and logistics seem to pass the controlling and sales teams unnoticed because there are also interfaces in internal communication in which information about the existing process is lost.  

As an expert in the industry, you know you can do better and get the superpower to revamp your internal and external workflow with Print and Pack.  

industry solution

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One step at a time and then what?

They create a holistic overview of the company workflow and analyse the pain points of the interdepartmental interfaces together with Print and Pack. They immediately notice that although the individual departments follow their own project processes and targets, they often do not know what information they have to provide and when, in order to also ensure subsequent steps in the production process. Communication outside the company is a similar challenge because there is no transparency about scheduling and task distribution with partners. External stakeholders are therefore usually not clear in which phase of the project they are involved and what leeway is possible in the handling of the tasks. They come to the conclusion that delayed workflows are not infrequently related to precisely this faltering internal communication and the lack of external transparency.  

Accelerate value creation processes and avoid delays

With the help of your knowledge of the company workflow, Print and Pack can map your entire value chain in a cross-company, cloud-based ERP system. Once implemented, this will ensure that all employees have a precise overview of tasks due and deadlines to be met in every phase of production. Internal work steps can now be managed and controlled in a consistent place. It will also be easier for you to integrate externals into your existing production processes. The measures introduced will enable you to accelerate your workflow in the future and, in addition to improved process efficiency, also ensure greater flexibility in the value chain.  

Optimised workflow management for good cooperation

With COSMO Print and Pack, you have the possibility to integrate tasks in cooperation with external partners, from material delivery to customer feedback, into your system and thus accelerate your processes. In addition, with "task management" you will have a tool to assign tasks within the company and easily check the status. This will give you an overview of internal and external process responsibilities at any time during the project phase and will allow you to counteract delays in time.  

Do you want to take your workflow management to the next level and optimise internal and external collaboration? Our specialists will be happy to provide you with further information.  

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