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Patrick Reithmayr12/01/2022

Hello, my name is Patrick and I have been a dedicated COSMOnaut since 2020. In the following blog post, I will tell you what makes working at COSMO CONSULT so special for me and why it is a pleasure to be a COSMOnaut.

My start at COSMO CONSULT was - luckily - during a Corona Lockdown break. This meant that I was fortunately able to get to know my team personally right at the beginning. The anticipation for the first day of work was great as the conversations I had in the application phases were already very positive and on a personal level. I was sure that I would soon become part of a cool team. I was personally welcomed by our management. Particularly I was pleased that we had lunch together with my colleagues and that we all shared aspects of our lives outside of the office too. I felt accepted immediately.

COSMOnauten Storie Elvon Berisha

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Business Development at COSMO CONSULT

My day-to-day work is shaped by the topic of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations.  At the same time, my job is very complex and that makes it special. The further development of a module or the development of new ideas on how to improve the standard module, for example, definitely demands creativity. But the technical adaptation of app functions and customer meetings are also part of my tasks and make the position as a junior consultant incredibly varied. Always getting new tasks and building something together - like the new Project Operations module at the moment - make my job particularly exciting.

We are a small team, so the tasks that everyone carries out are very different, but we are still there to support each other. As I am a very social person, the direct cooperation with customers and the team cohesion are essential factors for me that I would not miss.  

#thepowerofpeople as company culture

Being in constant contact with my colleagues is incredibly important to me. For a while, Corona made working together in the office and business trips impossible. I find it even more valuable that in the meantime staff events can take place again in order to promote team spirit and personal exchanges. Regardless of whether it's everyday work or special events, the appreciation shown to the employees at COSMO clearly demonstrate that the principle of "#thepowerofpeople" is lived.


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COSMO offers the necessary flexibility

The fact that COSMO CONSULT offers me the possibility of free time management as well as working from my home office is an important feel-good factor for me. This allows me to pursue my part-time job as a football coach for SK Vorwärts Steyr, which would not be possible in a typical "9 to 5 job".

A lot of consideration is given to the needs of the employees. From the beginning I was able to fulfil my wish to stay in the Vienna office. Management also makes sure that you have a lot of freedom in the implementation of your work, which makes a suitable work-life balance possible.

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