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Elvon Berisha

Hello, my name is Elvon and my COSMO story starts during the pandemic. It is this extraordinary start of my career and my work since then, that I would like to share in more detail here. 

An unusual start into IT COSMOs

My first official work day, April 1st 2020, was during the midst of the first Corona lockdown in Austria and thus unique and unusual. You could call it an April Fools’ joke. I started my journey at COSMO with a brief visit to the office in Steyr to pick up my equipment. Afterwards, I went directly to my home office where I received a warm welcome from my immediate colleagues via Microsoft Teams. It was a memorable start!

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oneCOSMO – not just a motto on paper

I might not have met all my colleagues at COSMO CONSULT personally yet, however, the team spirit at COSMO is extraordinary. This friendly and familiar interaction is of great significance. It is particularly noticeable within my immediate team. We share knowledge and learn from each other, as well as motivate and encourage each other.

Furthermore, the flexible home office option demonstrates the trust of the employer in its employees. For my scope of work, however, working from home permanently is not possible, as we manage our data processing centre. As a well-coordinated team, we always come to an agreement in finding an optimal solution for each member of the team.

Comprehensive IT sector at COSMO

The world of IT has always fascinated me and COSMO additionally provides compelling development and learning opportunities. Being part of a young and dynamic team, we all benefit from the know-how of the others. It is important to us that we share and promote our knowledge among the team. It is fun and everyone can enjoy the work.

My job as a system administrator offers plenty of variety. No two days are alike. Personally, I like that very much as variety makes the job interesting. I also really appreciate the opportunity to work at other COSMO locations on a regular basis. For example, I periodically travel to Vienna to assist my colleagues on site. Every day, many questions from COSMOnauts arise. I enjoy looking for solutions and solving problems. It goes without saying that this is not always that simple. Sometimes, you must keep a level head, but that is what I enjoy most.

COSMOnauten Story Dieter Kollmann

Our Inside Sales colleague Dieter also reports on his already ten-year COSMO story.


Challenges that increase the stress level, but also increase the level of expertise

Sometimes emergencies come about that I can deal with on my own because my colleagues are on the road. These situations can amplify the stress level. As the saying goes, “misfortunes never come singly”. As a matter of fact, this happens quite frequently. It is important to decide and prioritise which case is more relevant, unfortunately it is not always that simple. Of course, every employee expects their equipment to function properly so they can get back to their work immediately. The benefit from these situations that stands out to me most is that I learn something new every time, and I can implement it during the next emergency. This is how we can all benefit during emergencies.


Variety, flexibility and learning from experiences mean a lot to me. Being part of a team that is there for each other and shares skills and competencies with colleagues is an absolute highlight.

What are you looking for in your dream job? Work-life balance, flexible work hours, team spirit or simply a company that provides all of it? Join us and be part of our COSMO family. We can’t wait to hear YOUR COSMO story. 

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Elvon Berisha
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