gbedv GmbH & Co. KG

Based in northern Germany and operating across Europe, gbedv is best known among the partners and customers of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for its OPplus solution.

OPplus is a certified industry solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV — all versions.

The software consists of a collection of comfort modules for accounting. These have been developed with the utmost comfort for the user in mind. Aside from simplification in dealing with Open Entries (in German Offene Posten, hence "OP"plus) the solution offers many additional features e.g. in the areas of payments, banking, tax or balance sheet.

An overview of the modules:

OPplus Base

Simply import account statements and payment advices which support automatic application of open entries and enable hit ratios of up to 90%, as well as cash book and check receipt journals directly from the system. The bank statements can be imported across all companies. When posting payment discounts, the amount can be automatically distributed over the original dimensions of the paid invoices.


Payment proposal, file creation, accompanying documents, posting — in the common DTA formats and, of course, also as SEPA transfers and SEPA direct debits.

Option to record 'one-off payments', e.g. being able to map various vendors.

In addition to the Foreign Payments feature introduced to the German banking system, the user is offered a number of modules for the payment formats of Austria, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland. The Payments module has essentially been developed for any international payment and direct debit formats. Such formats include DTAUS, SEPA, MT101, MT103, DTAZV, EDI V3, BACS, CLIEOP and ESR.


Very sensible to use in conjunction with the Base and Payments modules: flexible management of customer/vendor associations and central regulation.

G/L Open Entries

Similar to customers and vendors, open entries can also be created for G/L accounts and G/L open entry lists can be printed or exported to Excel, which is a major benefit with "Cash Transit", "Transitory Entries" or "Accrued Income Entries" accounts, for example.

Balance Sheet and VAT

Assignment of account schedules to the G/L account; correct display on the balance sheet of shifting accounts, vendors with debit balances and customers with credit balances; accounting proofs for total lines of the account schedules; validity check; aggregated balance sheets for G/L accounts, customers and vendors in DATEV layout as well as pre-tax deduction after the provision of services and the existence of the physical invoice.

Extended Lists and Reports

Transparent representation of entries for each G/L account, customer and vendor both on screen and in the printed report, incl. quick search function. Drill down into the underlying sales and purchase documents by using the "Navigate" feature. Add comments to entries and print these if necessary — on the account sheet, on the open entry list or separately.

Over 800 companies throughout Europe already use the OPplus comfort modules. gbedv relies on the indirect sales channel to distribute its products. The network of sales partners includes around 80 successful software companies, which all favour the ERP software Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

As a German sales partner, gbedv also offers the product Document Capture for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This software scans, records and archives all documents within the company. Document Capture has features including the ability to recognise purchasing documents and to use these to automatically generate purchase invoices. Approval documents can also be enabled, whereby the scanned-in, original document can be consulted for verification.