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Analysis and reporting for the energy and utilities business

More than ever, energy and utilities companies are required to be flexible in their actions. Market liberalization, cost pressure, constantly rising customer requirements and increasingly complex regulations are forcing companies to permanently optimize their processes. The exponentially growing volumes of data are doing the rest. These days, the only companies that work efficiently are those that recognize the value of data and know how to utilize information to their advantage.

Getting more out of your energy data

COSMO CONSULT simplifies the way you access data and helps you gain insights in order to infer profitable recommendations for action. Our business intelligence solutions provide you with valid figures and comprehensible analyses along the entire value chain. The data can be consolidated from both external sources and in-house solutions like Wilken, Schleupen, SAP IS-U and other systems commonly used in the energy sector.

Digitalization in the energy environment

Utility 4.0 is the energy sector’s answer to Industry 4.0 in manufacturing. It refers to

  • the merging of the energy market with information technology
  • the implementation of entirely new business models and the
  • creation of innovation-friendly networks along the entire value chain of the energy sector.

We’ll help you enter the age of Utility 4.0, using agile concepts. Only thus can you replicate your existing business processes completely and reliably and integrate new digital business models along your entire value chain.

The advantages of advanced data analytics solutions

Based on Microsoft and Qlik technologies, we’re able to implement data-driven business models in energy and utility companies. With the data analytics tools Microsoft Power BI, Qlik Sense and QlikView, you can:

  • use in-memory technologies to quickly analyze and evaluate the various sources
  • evaluate and analyze big data and unstructured data
  • take advantage of efficient solutions without modifying the existing system landscape and existing business processes
  • be sure that there is only one, single “point of truth,” a reliable basis for business decisions
  • utilize advanced graphical user interfaces
  • assist your workers with self-service business intelligence (BI) by making them better equipped to perform their own analyses, without help from the IT department
  • familiarize yourself with new information intuitively

This innovative approach to data analysis gives you a transparent view of your key figures. So you can meet complex sector-specific requirements on your own. Two examples:

  • You comply with the regulations of regulatory agencies and the German Energy Act (EnWG) and
  • cover potential strategies for improving the EEG quota.

Thanks to our years of experience in the energy and utilities business and the many business intelligence (BI) projects we’ve handled, our consultants have a unique understanding of the core technologies and processes used by energy and utility companies. The network of partners we’ve developed over the years ensures that we stay abreast of the latest developments in the market and act progressively.

We offer detailed solutions and concepts for:

Customer relationships, customer development, new customer acquisition

Customer switching monitor – Graphically display the customer-supplier switching process as a table or map.

Customer segmentation and churn prevention– Segmented analyses of customer behavior in order to identify new sales potential. Customer segmentation is the basis for value-oriented marketing control and churn prevention.

Distribution Portal – the Distribution Portal comprises two components: a web app and a connected BI solution. Together, they give you a 360° view of your customers.

Data enhancement – Take a closer look at the environment of your customers, using micrographic data on 40 million households.


Management Cockpit – Keep track of all your departments with predefined performance indicators for Management.


Billing Dashboard – Visually display the entire billing process – from meter reading to billing.

Receivables management – Comprehensive analyses let you immediately answer questions on open items, payment behavior or duration of outstanding debts – both from the sales side and the grid side.

Financial accounting – Get a more precise overview of the SAP-FI module and answer questions on trade receivables, credit accounting or details on the annual account.


EEG Monitoring – EEG Monitoring includes reports on feed-in rates and avoided grid charges in relation to categories and systems – prepared and made available to transmission systems operators.

Market communications and data exchange monitoring – designed for automated electronic data exchange between market partners.

SLA-Monitoring – SLA monitoring creates transparency regarding service-level agreements for quality assurance and cost control.

Data quality

Data Quality Cockpit – Master data analyses for optimizing data quality and long-term process improvement.

Meter comparison – Compare your own custom metering items and associated data (Object Identification System (OBIS) figures, built-in meters, meter readings, business partner data, etc.)

We’ll implement your energy data project

You have special requirements? Here at COSMO CONSULT, we’ll implement your energy data project according to your needs. Here are the three steps we follow:

1. Requirements / conceptual design

  • Working together to devise goals
  • Record current status (existing systems, data, key figures, etc.)
  • Coordinate project with the IT Department
  • Define solution design

2. Implementation

  • Review IT requirements
  • Enhance existing key figures with data
  • Set up dashboards
  • Results analysis
  • Self-service BI training for staff

3. Care / support / further development

  • Ascertaining further potential
  • Workshops for process optimization
  • Support with further development by customer

Have we sparked your interest?

Together, we're sure to find the solution you need and the right concept for your specific requirements. Call us or send us an email, and we’ll discuss how COSMO CONSULT can help you get more out of your business.

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