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Business Intelligence for the Energy and Utility Industry

Managing rapid change

Energy suppliers are facing challenges from the liberalisation of the electricity and gas market. Unbundling and the allocation of market roles are also requirements that energy suppliers are obliged to meet. The legal requirements demand market participants to optimise their processes.

There are more and more new legal requirements for providers, which need to be covered using optimal information technology. As energy supplies are subject to free competition and end customers can therefore expect the most favourable conditions, it is important to master these challenges.

Factors like these make competitive controlling instruments extremely important and are one reason why the topic of business intelligence has become a growing priority for the energy industry.
Business Intelligence applications can analyse and prepare data that is often spread among different systems within the company. This data can provide significant information that can be considered in the process of strategic decision making.

Process-oriented key figures from the billing process at the click of a mouse

  • Optimisation of individual processes from reading and billing through to invoicing
  • Monitoring billing capability
  • Identification of missing process steps, such as reading or billing etc.
  • Overview of blocked installations and contracts

Do you have your key figures from the billing process always in view? Do you know how many implausible and missing meter readings you currently have in the system? Do you know the quota of the contracts already invoiced? There are many reasons, such as modulations, blocks, etc., why the quality of your accounting processes and therefore the billing process may be adversely affected. This involves a great deal of manual effort to rectify it. The requirements for an analysis solution have grown rapidly due to the short-term informational value for the customer.

Market communication and data exchange monitoring

Automated electronic data exchange between market partners poses considerable problems for many suppliers. Many messages do not work or are faulty or not delivered for various reasons. This presents a challenge to energy suppliers and generates a lot of manual work to rectify and troubleshoot it. QlikView offers you the option to monitor your data transfer in order to meet the requirements of the German Federal Network Agency.

  • Identify faulty MSCONS
  • Monitoring faulty MSCONS and analysis by error categories
  • Determining expected MSCONS (meter reading for which IDoc is still expected from market partners)
  • Monitoring UTILMD: transmission and request of customer master data
  • Monitoring INVOIC: transmission of accounts
  • Monitoring REMADV: transmission of remittances
  • Monitoring CONTRL: transmission of acknowledgements and syntax errors
  • Monitoring APERAK: transmission of protocols (application errors and confirmations)
  • Monitoring REQDOC: meets the counts and load profiles requirement
  • etc.

EEG monthly/annual reports to the transmission system operators

We provide you with reports of the feed-in volumes and network usage charges avoided by category for the monthly reports as well as by system-for annual reports. This data is analysed using QlikView and provided in an appropriately processed form for the transmission system operator. In addition, you can permanently improve your EEG data quality with plausibility checks.

Monitoring open items

The solution for monitoring open items enables you to maintain an overview of the network and distribution. Total amounts per contract account as well as detailed single items are displayed. You can also analyse other criteria such as due date, posting date, type of customer, type of invoice, contract account type or billing type. Further, you can identify and edit items exceeding a certain limit by defining limit values.

Master data analysis to optimise data quality

Our QlikView analyses provide you with an overview of the master data from your ERP system and also allows you to detect corrupt data. Poor data quality and inconsistencies are often only revealed when the data is required ad hoc, e.g. for marketing campaigns or monitoring for the German Federal Network Agency. This usually means the data has to be obtained and compiled at great expense and under extreme time pressure. In order to make important decisions based on the underlying data, we deliver a solution that always offers the best possible data quality in your systems. A lasting improvement in data quality is the basis for your business success.

Customer and competitor analyses

Active load profile controlling of customers in order to develop individual tariffs for specific customer segments and optimise customer letters accordingly. This allows you to switch consumption by your customers in weaker load periods to conserve or reduce the cost of purchasing operating reserves. To detect possible customer potential, it is important to know which end users in my coverage area are being supplied by other suppliers.

Risk and sales management

Since the advent of liberalisation, power supply companies have been finding themselves in ever increasing competition with other providers on the market because the latter are continually poaching customers in their service area. This means that you need to try and keep costs as low as possible and have an overview of the purchase prices in order to compensate for these losses.

There is a high demand for active management of price components, especially in sales, due to the rising costs and margin pressure. Here we can support you with standard KPIs, break even analysis, e.g. by customer, product, division, region, etc. as well as active risk management to ensure you always keep your margin in view.

Measurement of marketing campaigns, in order to increase sales success is still not reviewed by many suppliers. The topic of new customer acquisition also reflects the success of your sales. We can help you to run your monitoring successfully and to make your chosen strategies and sales activities measurable.

Excess and shortfall billing

  • Determination and comparison of actual and forecast amounts of energy
  • Calculation of the total excess and shortfall/amounts and itemised list
  • Time-dependent comparative calculation of consumption and amounts

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