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Digitalization begins in the mind - Interview with Uwe Bergmann, CEO COSMO CONSULT Group

by manage-it

Wherever the IT journey will take us in 2019, everyone imagines things a little differently, whether CEO, CTO, CDO or one of the many other acronyms - not to mention the people who have to cope with change in their daily work. But there are people who, thanks to their years of IT experience and expertise, have an almost visionary view of the future. Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group, is one of them. In this interview, you can find out which view it is.

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The COSMO CONSULT Group develops industry solutions using a co-innovation approach – in close cooperation with users of the solutions in industry. The key pillar of the concept is the customer innovation days that take place across the year at various sites of the Group. Participants can put forward their ideas and requirements in small workshops and during one-to-one discussions, which the innovative software and consultancy company then uses and implements as part of software development.

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COSMO CONSULT Group expands its portfolio with Rydoo

by Björn Lorenz

COSMO CONSULT expands its portfolio of end-to-end solutions with Rydoo. The cloud platform relieves users of the burden of travel expense accounting. Rydoo can be linked to the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics Business Central via an interface. This enables companies to benefit from efficient business processes while employees record their receipts on the move. COSMO CONSULT distributes Rydoo worldwide, also via its own App Store and later via Microsoft App Source.

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QINOUS: New Energies with Business Central

by Gero Brinkbäumer

Berlin-based company QINOUS GmbH, a global supplier of innovative energy storage and control systems, is working with COSMO CONSULT to implement the cutting-edge business solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. QINOUS is one of the leading experts in the field of intelligent plug & play energy storage solutions for both on-grid and off-grid applications.

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COSMO CONSULT will be presenting solutions for intelligent ERP and data analytics at Tech Week

by Michael Wilp

COSMO CONSULT presents the latest technologies around Data Analytics with and without Data Warehouse at the Tech Week, which takes place at the fairground in Frankfurt from November 7th to 8th, 2018. Booth 998 is located in the BARC department of Big Data World. Interested visitors can try out how data can be viewed from different perspectives using interactive analyses. With contributions to intelligent ERP and Business Intelligence COSMO CONSULT is besides represented in the lecture program.

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The GDPR Toolbox for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Provides Clarity on Personal Data

by Björn Lorenz

Just over 100 days ago, the two-year transitional period to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) expired.And yet many companies are still struggling to comply with the new regulations.With the GDPR Toolbox, personal data and data subject requests can be documented in a structured and transparent way in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.Employees will always be in a position to provide information, while the ERP system handles of most of the administrative work.

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