COSMOCON 2022: Keeping an eye on what's good for the customer

Björn Lorenz09/21/2022

After a two-year break, the tenth edition of COSMOCON was held in mid-September. Around 860 COSMO CONSULT Group employees came to Berlin especially for this event, but the event's focus was not on the group that came, but on a group that was not present at all: namely, COSMO CONSULT's customers. In the end, it is the customers of the specialist in digital transformation who benefit from the event celebrating innovation, knowledge transfer and the drive for progress.

The COSMO CONSULT Group is one of the most creative companies in the digital transformation sector. Its consultants and experts are constantly generating new ideas and strategies. Some of these innovations represent improvements to existing products and services. Other innovations build on experience gained in projects to help implement digital transformation projects even more efficiently and in an even more agile fashion. Thanks to the new ideas generated by the COSMOnauts, great progress has also been made in the areas of knowledge transfer and collaboration. "Innovation is not an end in itself. It is rather the basis for being in a position to offer our customers better service and fresh solutions. That helps us make them winners in the ongoing digital transformation of their respective industries," said Uwe Bergmann CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group. COSMO CONSULT's strong growth in recent years is therefore also an expression of a lively, effective culture of innovation.

Writing the next chapter in a success story

COSMOCON plays a key role in fostering this culture of good ideas. The future-focussed celebration of innovation was held in mid-September for the tenth time following a break of two years during the pandemic. Eight hundred and sixty employees from all over the world came to Berlin to learn about current trends and technologies, discuss new approaches to consulting and hold a vote to choose the most innovative solutions of the year in the "InnoChallenge". "COSMOCON stands for enthusiasm. It stands for the unwavering determination to break new ground for our customers. Because we have such an optimistic spirit here, it is easy to get people excited about new technologies and to motivate them to put these ideas into practice quickly," explained Uwe Bergmann. Many ideas and strategies that were first presented at COSMOCON are now an integral part of the digital transformation specialist's portfolio. These include the COSMO COLLEGE, the Digital Consultant and the chatbot COSMA.

The chances are also good that this will be the case for this year's InnoChallenge winners. The "S.M.A.R.T. Business Apps" project extends the functionality of Microsoft Business Software with cost-efficient apps. The idea behind "COSMO Bootcamps" is a training strategy that aims to close gaps in knowledge faster. The third member of the group is "COSMO COMETS", an innovative customer loyalty programme.

Customers are the ones who benefit

Ultimately, it is the customers who benefit from the innovation accelerator we call COSMOCON. When consultants and experts have more information, the new technologies and approaches to consulting can be made available much faster. For many companies, this means having a competitive advantage at least temporarily. At the same time, digital transformation projects are becoming more professional thanks to new methods. These projects can also thus sometimes be implemented more quickly. Much has been achieved using new approaches recently, especially in terms of transferring knowledge between COSMO CONSULT and the users. ”When companies take on more tasks themselves, they can save on costs in the long run. They can also react more flexibly to new requirements. Chatbots and interactive assistants are modern technologies that help them do just that. We have therefore integrated these technologies into our solutions at a very early stage," said Uwe Bergmann. The COSMOnauts are already eager to see what ideas and strategies will be presented next year.

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