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Kieback&Peter - Building automation pioneer relies on COSMO CONSULT

Gero Brinkbäumer12/18/2017
Picture: Kieback&Peter

Kieback&Peter, a family-run company with a rich tradition that is one of Germany's best-known providers in the field of measurement, control and regulation technology for buildings, has commissioned COSMO CONSULT with the renewal of its ERP infrastructure including the implementation of COSMO CONSULT industry solutions for discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing and project management in the construction industry. The renewal will put a company-wide system architecture in place that links together all commercial, production and project-related processes. The goal is to improve coordination of work processes, increase transparency in critical business figures, and create a solid digital foundation for the company's development.

Everyone is talking about hot topics such as the transformation of the energy system, the digital revolution, and urbanization. Buildings play a crucial role in the discussion of these issues, seeing as they consume about 40 percent of all primary energy. At the same time, we spend an amazing 90 percent of our lives indoors. Buildings are therefore not only decisive economic and climate factors, but also important social spaces where people live and work. Making these spaces more energy efficient is thus only one side of the coin: it is also important to increase comfort and create spaces where people feel comfortable and enjoy spending time. This is where the family-owned company Kieback&Peter comes into play. For more than 90 years it has been one of the leading experts in the field of building automation, making buildings more comfortable, efficient and safe.

Headquartered in Berlin, Kieback&Peter GmbH & Co. KG employs around 1,400 people worldwide. In addition to its Berlin headquarters, the company has two production sites in Germany, 50 branches within the country and abroad, as well as various mobile expert teams and support and training facilities. With smart software and hardware, Kieback&Peter links together heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, fire protection, sun protection and other services into a complete system. It manages both commercial and public properties over their entire life cycle and develops tailor-made solutions for each one. Kieback&Peter's technology ensures the effective operation of the facilities in Berlin’s Reichstag building as well as in the school next door.

"With our product portfolio, our software solutions and our services, we keep an eye on the entire life cycle of a building, because only a holistic approach ensures that all those involved are satisfied in the long run," explains Christoph Ritzkat, Managing Director at Kieback&Peter. The company is now pursuing the same approach for its internal operations and the associated ERP infrastructure: Together with COSMO CONSULT, the existing system, which consists of heterogeneous individual solutions, will be replaced by a state-of-the-art, Microsoft Dynamics-based enterprise solution that brings together all business processes on a common system platform.

In future, the production plants in Trier and Mittenwalde will use the COSMO CONSULT industry solutions, cc|process manufacturing and cc|configure-to-order, which are fully integrated into the Microsoft environment. In addition, the cc|project construction solution will be used in the field of plants. It is able to map all construction-specific aspects, from costing to scheduling and execution all the way through to project controlling. "In the future, IT-driven topics such as big data, artificial intelligence and virtualization will also become increasingly important in the field of building automation," adds Christoph Ritzkat. "It is therefore important for us not only to rely on future-proof ERP technology, but also to work together with an implementation and consulting partner that understands these forward-looking topics and can offer concrete solutions. With COSMO CONSULT, we have found the IT partner that can help us build our digital strategy for the long term - even beyond the field of ERP. "

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