Andreas Voss | Director Global Services

As Director Global Services, Andreas Voss is responsible for the COSMO CONSULT Group's international project business. Together with the COSMO CONSULT offices and our network of partners, he and his team help international clients to implement their transnational IT strategies.

Andreas Voss has been with COSMO CONSULT since 1997. As co-initiator, he was significantly involved in the development of the certified industry solutions that the COSMO CONSULT Group offers today. As Project Manager, he implemented his first international client projects as early as 1999. Under TECTURA, Andreas Voss was responsible for the global development and marketing of all industry products as Corporate Vice President, in addition to his role as Managing Director of Tectura Licensing. For more information, see history. Meanwhile, his career has also led him to three and a half years in the automotive and insurance industries, where he worked on digitalising and automating business processes.

Andreas Voss believes in cooperating as equals, whether in a team, with our clients or with partners. As a COSMO-politan, he connects people from all over the world so that they can achieve common goals.

In his spare time, he likes being in the great outdoors and enjoys sporting activities as a way to keep fit. He loves to relax by indulging his passion of playing guitar.