GLI Business Solutions GmbH

MAIN-TOOL — your powerful maintenance planning system (MPS system)

In order to efficiently plan for and use employees, machines and materials, as well as recognise and capitalise on cost savings potential, a company needs a powerful maintenance planning system (MPS system).

Almost every company has critical systems that have a direct influence on performance and therefore the bottom line as well.

GLI Business Solutions works with its customers to implement objectives such as transparent and up-to-date cost control, compliance with quality requirements, compliance with legally required environmental and safety-related tasks, increased availability of technical systems, communications and information distribution and consolidation that meets the demand, as well as the highest level of integration of parallel systems and especially Office products.

The most important advantages

  • High quality backed by certification (CFMD)
  • Service and update program
  • Fast project implementation (RIM)
  • Less downtime
  • No paperwork
  • Lower costs
  • Achievement of key figures  


  • an ALM system (asset lifecycle management) for the administration of a company's technical systems and maintenance resources over its entire lifecycle. Remote diagnostics and maintenance based on condition is supported.
  • an EAM system (enterprise asset management) for the administration of a company's maintenance processes, ensuring system availability and reducing system downtime.
  • a mobile maintenance system that combines a mobile SCADA and a maintenance system.
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). This type of organisation integrates all employees who work on the
  • systems and machinery, not just maintenance employees.
  • ISO 9000ff certification.